• 2017 Content Marketing Resolutions

      5 Tactics To Stay Ahead Of The Content Marketing Pack As a marketer your 2017 content resolutions need to focus on a strategically aligned content marketing plan to produce quality content on a consistent basis. Don’t take my word for it! Walk down a commercial street near you. You’ll see we live in a world plastered with advertising.

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  • Are We Really Headed Toward a World Without Ads?

    … distribution, including Contently, Percolate and Keywee, while many of the tools used by traditional media companies–including Facebook promoted posts, content discovery platforms like Outbrain and in-image ad units that promote branded content–can work for “brand publishers,” too. But the bottom line is that in the brave new world of branded content…

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  • Conversion vs. Audience Metrics: The Secret to Successful Content Measurement

    … their content over time. Marketers who embrace that holistic view of content measurement will be at an advantage, and when the debate starts raging between conversion and audience metrics at the next marketing conference… well, you can just rest easy at the happy hour bar. Michael Enriquez is the product manager for analytics at Contently. The post Conversion vs. Audience Metrics: The Secret to Successful Content Measurement appeared first on The Content Strategist. …

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  • 5 Big Ways Content Marketing Will Change in 2016

    … be the only department investing in content. By this point, its pretty obvious that content is good for a lot more than just marketing. It’s the secret weapon of sales enablement, provides a huge boost to company culture, and helps massively with recruiting. Slowly but surely, brands like Marriott and Chase (Full disclosure: Contently clients…

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  • 5 Lessons We Learned Publishing 906 Stories in 2015

    … this exact column one year ago. So screw it, let’s make it a tradition. This year, we grew our audience by 100,000, became an award-winning publication, and drove a hell of a lot of business for Contently as a result. I feel more optimistic than ever for both our editorial efforts and the content marketing industry as a whole. And I really can’t…

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  • State of Content Marketing 2016: The Tipping Point

    … started building Contently about a year before the 2011 inflection point. We’ve also been reporting on the content marketing industry since the original surge. Every year, we recap the state of the industry and how it’s evolving based on our research,2 CMO interviews, and what we’re hearing from our own brand customers and sales pipeline. Our…

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  • What Contently Does in 2 Weeks Would Take Your Agency 2 Months

    … Marketing departments are getting bigger, more complex, and more siloed. Not only do I hear about this from our clients every day, but I’ve seen the progression firsthand inside Contently. In the past year or so, Contently’s marketing team has grown from two people to nearly 20 (not including our regular freelancer contributors), and as we’ve…

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  • How Startups Hack Their Growth Through Content Marketing

    … of Marketing Andrea Kayal has the freedom to make creative decisions, but she also stressed taking risks you can justify with data. Her advice? Experiment with fresh ways to generate leads and new business as you’re ramping up. If these risks lead to success, then it’s time to double-down on what worked to stay efficient as possible. At Chango (now Rubicon…

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  • Study: Brand Content Drives Massive Brand Lift

    … associations, brand trust, likelihood to purchase, and net promoter score. Engaged subscribers had a net promoter score nearly 3x that of unengaged subscribers. On average, engaged subscribers rated our brand an 8.12 on a scale of 1 to 10, double that of our SaaS competitors (which ranged from 2.37 to 3.54), and on par with how they rated The New York…

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  • RoboEditor: The Strange New Editorial Machine You Need to Become

    … or Chartbeat or (shameless plug) Contently is a solid start, but you still need to reach a more sophisticated level. You need to get into the habit of digging deep into key audience metrics—like how and where things are being shared, the average finish percentage of each piece, email rate conversion, etc.—and then immediately brainstorming ideas…

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