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  • How Great Content Builds a Strong Company Culture

    … tough to measure. Proving content ROI is hard enough—by comparison, proving content’s positive impact on company culture is much more challenging from a quantitative perspective. But that doesn’t mean content’s potential to transform and shape culture formation should be undervalued. That point was brought up again and again at this year’s Contently…

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  • How to Empower Your Sales Team With Content

    … Being a B2B content marketer is a little bit like being a midfielder in soccer. You need to have the vision and creativity to produce scoring opportunities out of thin air, but it’s ultimately the responsibility of one of your teammates to make the final touch that leads to the goal. And just as a soccer team won’t score many goals when strikers…

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  • Why Your Creative Will Fail Without the Right Distribution Strategy

    … to go viral organically. At last week’s Contently Summit in New York City, Cohen—who was joined on the “Building Your Content Studio” panel by Luke Sherwin, Casper’s co-founder and chief creative officer, and Josh Golden, Xerox’s vice president of global digital marketing and communications—explained that it’s not effective for brands to create…

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  • Here’s What You Missed at the Contently Summit (Video)

    … We do something odd with our semi-annual Contently Summit: We don’t advertise it at all. It’s an intimate affair of 200 of the industry’s top content marketing minds, and that’s how we like it. The panels, audience interaction, and networking are all richer—and more honest—as a result. For me, it’s always one of the most illuminating days…

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  • Can Brands Really Publish at the Speed of News?

    … We can all agree the speed of news isn’t slowing down anytime soon. News cycles are growing faster; audience attention spans are growing shorter. For brands getting into the publishing game, this poses a serious challenge. How do you stay relevant while still producing high-quality content? At last week’s Contently Summit, BarkPost editor…

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  • So Brands Are Producing Lots of Content. What’s Next?

    By now, it feels like roughly a zillion brands are following in the footsteps of giants like Red Bull, IKEA, and IBM and embracing content marketing. It’s new! It’s exciting! David Carr is writing about it a lot! But what’s next? As the content marketing world enters its 2015 planning season, that seems like the question to ask.

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  • 5 Audience Growth Trends for 2015

    … Okay, so now I’m making content. But how the hell do I get people to check it out—and keep coming back? This is the question nearly every content marketer asks today—and if they’re not asking it, they should be. At the Contently Summit last Thursday, I had the honor of being the least impressive person on a panel tackling the audience-building…

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