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    • [Lookbook] The Inkredible 5: Best of 2016

      2016 was the year of stepping up your email game. We saw countless brands get more innovative in the inbox and embrace contextual marketing. We featured many of those brands in our quarterly lookbook, the Inkredible 5. It’s hard enough choosing the best contextual emails of each season. For the Inkredible 5: Best of 2016, we were tasked with choosing the top contextual emails of the year.

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    • How to Drive Customer Retention with Email Marketing

      Email marketing is hands-down the best way to turn one-time shoppers into loyal, long-term customers. That’s why 80% of brands rely on it to drive customer retention, and another 56% of them say email marketing is the most effective way to reach retention goals. There are a lot of reasons why email marketing drives retention.

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    • 3 Ways Top Brands Create Engaging Year-In-Review Emails

      Did you receive any year-in-review emails from the brands you follow? You’re not alone. Year-in-review emails have been picking up steam over the last few years, and it’s easy to understand why. Year-in-review emails give brands the opportunity to surprise and delight loyal customers. They’re a great way to personalize your email campaigns and deepen the relationship between y ...

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  • Our 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails

    … Whether you love it or hate, you can’t avoid Valentine’s Day – in the inbox anyway. V-Day promotions were everywhere this year, with more brands ramping up their creativity and delivering exceptional email experiences. Here are five of our favorite emails from Valentine’s Day 2017. Our 5 favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails Dunkin’ Donuts…

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  • Super Bowl 2017 Email Report: It’s a Touchdown for Read-Lengths

    Super Bowl Sunday is one of the biggest advertising days of the year, with companies of all sizes offering limited-time promotions. We don’t typically think of the Super Bowl as an email marketing opportunity, but perhaps we should. We took a look at email activity before, during and after this year’s Super Bowl weekend (2/2-2/6) and compared it to 2016’s Super Bowl numbers.

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  • Enter to Win a Contextual Email Makeover

    … How do you feel about your emails? Do you like them, love them, or feel kind of “meh” about them? At Movable Ink, we want everyone to love their emails. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with context. Context enhances your emails, makes them work harder for you and helps you get the best marketing results possible. It enables you…

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  • [Case Study] Chick-fil-A

    … of their customers, no matter which device they used. In short, they needed an email campaign that could automatically detect its users device of choice and app download status and serve up the appropriate content. Sound impossible? Not for contextual marketing. Find out how Chick-fil-A leverage mobile device, targeting to achieve their goals and ultimately land the #1 spot in the iTunes app store. Download the case study now. …

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  • Drinking Our Own Champagne: The Movable Ink Newsletter Redesign

    Have you heard the adage, “Drink your own champagne”? You might also be familiar with its mildly nauseating counterpart, “Eat your own dog food.” The idea is simple: practice what you preach. But for busy marketers, it’s not always that easy. Case in point: at Movable Ink, we’re a true partner with our clients. That means we spend all of our time supporting them and optimizing their campaigns.

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  • Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

    … of trends and they had to anticipate their customer’s needs in order to reach their marketing goals. That’s why we’re not surprised that many of our top blog posts of 2016 are deep dives into email content and contextual tactics that have moved the needle for countless brands. Bookmark these posts as you refine your email campaigns in 2017. Our Top 10…

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  • [Lookbook] The Winter Inkredible 5

    … marketing inspiration. Inside, you’ll see how Comcast, the San Francisco 49ers, Hotel Tonight and more have achieved amazing results with contextual email marketing – including one brand that lifted engagement by more than 100%! Download your copy now and prepare to get inspired. …

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  • Steal These Contextual Email Ideas for Your 2017 Campaigns

    … emails to illustrate a big idea: new products in action, app launches and updates are perfect use cases for GIFs. Keep your GIF simple and focused on one thing to avoid confusing your customers and making more work for yourself. Here’s a guide to using GIFs in your emails. Content automation: Boxed What we loved: Boxed needed to promote 12 days…

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  • How We Did It: An Inside Look at the Movable Ink Contextual Holiday Email

    It should come as no surprise that we’re pretty passionate about email at Movable Ink. We strive help our clients provide amazing email experiences, and we’re always raising the stakes for our own email campaigns as well. And this past holiday season was no different. The 2016 Movable Ink holiday email had a few goals: Give back to those in need with a goal of $500 in donat ...

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  • Case Study: How HSN Lifted Revenue with Content Automation

    … Promoting daily deals across your website and email campaigns can be difficult to coordinate… but not if you’re using email content automation. Every day, the Home Shopping Network features one amazing deal on their website. They relied on email to promote those deals, but their email production process was tedious. They had to produce and proof…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Integrated Email Campaigns, Lifecycle Marketing and Looking to 2017

    Happy New Year, email marketers! Ready to get back to work after a (hopefully) relaxing break? Here’s a little email marketing news to start your 2017 off right. Email marketing seen as key component of integrated campaigns Samantha Ferguson makes her main point very clear: “Every integrated campaign should include email marketing,” she writes at Business 2 Community.

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  • 5 Ideas for Your Post-Holiday Email Campaign

    … campaign now A post-holiday email campaign is the perfect to way to extend any positive results you’re seeing from your existing holiday campaign. Use these campaign ideas to inspire a customer-centric post holiday campaign to kick off the new year. Want more email campaign ideas? Download our ebook, Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing. …

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