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    • Video Email Marketing is Here: 3 Ways to Add Video to Your Emails

      Video content has always been a huge win for email marketers: it can lift click-through rates 200-300% and 45.5% of marketers say it increases their conversion rates significantly. They’re ideal for adding a human element to your emails, whether you’re showing off a new product or sharing video testimonials from happy customers. But adding video to email has never been easy.

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    • Email Marketing 101: How to Craft Effective Calls-to-Action

      What’s the most important component of a marketing email? Great copy? Imaginative design? Compelling imagery? Although they are all critically important, a solid case could be made that they are all secondary to the Call to Action (CTA). That’s because every marketing email is sent for the same reason – to trigger costumer action.

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  • The B2B Email Marketer’s Playbook

    … B2B marketers face a lot of unique challenges. There are longer and more complex sales cycles, as well as more decision makers to please. And once you get a customer, keeping them happy is another hurdle. Most B2B companies still turn to email to reach (and keep) customers. A recent survey from 2016 reports nearly a third of B2B marketers say…

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  • Using Live Data in Email: Watch the Webinar

    … the webinar now to learn how live data can be used in your email marketing campaign. This entry was posted in Contextual Marketing and tagged email personalization, live data, Oracle, Oracle Marketing Cloud, real-time email, webinar on Tuesday, April 26th, 2016 by Amy Mullen.…

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  • Email Marketing for Media, Publishing and Entertainment

    …—even encouraging upgrades by providing additional seat options that update each time the recipient opens the email. Our new email marketing playbook for media, publishing and entertainment offers more examples, as well as email tips and best practices designed specifically for today’s marketers. Download your free copy now. …

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  • The Context for Contextual Marketing Is Changing

    … nature of my persona? The question, I think, points to the complicated nature of contextual marketing at a local level. Contextual marketing is all about tailoring content to someone based on their changing circumstances. The idea behind contextual marketing makes a lot of sense: the Starbucks app should tell me about the great-tasting pumpkin spice…

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  • What Does “Context Marketing” Really Mean?

    … if they spend hours on the website? Or tweet about the white paper the next day? Wouldn’t you want to follow up much faster than two weeks? Successful context marketing requires more than what marketing automation can offer. We believe it takes technology that enables three functions: The ability to gather contextual intelligence about what your audience…

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  • 5 Brands Leading the Pack on Contextual Email

    … In 2015, we saw more and more brands move towards a contextual approach to email marketing. But in 2016, some top brands are taking it to the next level. In our Spring Edition of the Inkredible 5, we’re highlighting five brands that created best-in-class, contextual email experiences for their customers. Here’s a sneak peek … Dunkin’ Donuts…

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  • Using Live Social Feeds in Email to Drive Sales and Engagement

    … Email and social media serve marketers in very different ways, but there are many similarities in how consumers interact with them. The most effective email efforts are tightly bound to a sense of identity, community and that ongoing love story consumers have with a brand. The same can be said of social media platforms that drive interest…

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  • 2016 Facebook Marketing: What You Must Know To Succeed

    … marketing trends. They underscore that 2016 is the starting point for contextual marketing!!! 1. Show that you’re home with a Facebook presence This is no longer a nice-to-have. You need to be visible where your target audience spends their time. This includes B2B marketers. Don’t forget: You have to market P2P, person-to-person. Your target audience…

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  • Email Innovators: How Some Brands are Killing it with Email

    Email is one of the most effective marketing tools in terms of ROI, but many businesses still don’t use the channel to its full potential. For some, it could be they’re not aware of innovations in email and how it’s redefining the ways marketers can engage and convert customers. But you only need to look to some of the top brands using contextual email marketing tactics, li ...

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  • Delivering Value with Email Personalization

    … Whenever marketers start talking about personalization, there is a portion of the consumer audience that starts thinking about privacy. Clearly, the two are related, but one should never be seen as a threat to the other. In the larger web world, the digital urban planners out there talk about an idea called serendipity or accidental discovery…

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  • Monday Catchup: Digital Optimization and Financial Services Marketing

    … 5 Keys to Digital Marketing Optimization Marketing Land offers five helpful steps to digital marketing optimization. A key takeaway — leverage existing behavioral and contextual data. These are valuable metrics that can help build out comprehensive audience segments that deliver greater relevance. Read more at Marketing Land. Calling all…

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  • Monday Catch-up: Holiday Tips, Constant Contact and a New Webinar

    … more at MediaPost. Webinar: Contextual Email Marketing for Financial Services: Exceeding Challenges to Drive ROI Join us on November 19th 2015 at 1 PM for “Contextual Email Marketing for Financial Services: Exceeding Challenges to Drive ROI.” This webinar offers actionable advice and real-world implementations that will show you how you can use…

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  • You have the data. Are you making the most of it?

    … Relevance. It’s what drives the most effective marketing. Also called “context” or “contextual marketing,” it’s an idea that’s always been a holy grail for lifting CTR in email. It’s all about making your content valuable to your customers on an individual level. Why deliver the same email to every name on your list when you can target them…

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  • How Retailers Can Reach Their Audience by Targeting Consumer Interests

    …. The results speak for themselves: +300% click-through rates +100% open rates +50% email revenue Target your audience with messaging that appeals specifically to their affinity for local sports, hobbies or interests and give them a personalized experience, and they’re much more likely to engage with your emails and act on your offers. This entry was posted in Contextual Marketing and tagged contextual marketing, email best practices, geotargeting on Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 by Amy Mullen.…

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