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    • Email Makeover: 6 Ways We Redesigned a Pet Retailer’s Email with Context

      Who doesn’t love a good makeover story? Whether it’s re-organizing a messy closet or giving your calendar a total overhaul, there are few things more inspirational than seeing real people make life-changing improvements. That’s why we were so excited to do a live Email Makeover. See, our email experts are always showing our clients and prospects new and innovative ways to amp ...

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    • Case Study: Spotify

      Listening to music is a highly personal experience, and no one knows this better Spotify. The digital music service wanted to send a year-end review email that made every single one of their subscribers feel special. Their goal was to deploy an email campaign with a personalized snapshot of each subscriber’s listening habits over one month. Thi ...

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    • Webinar: How to Build Better Loyalty Emails

      There are no silver bullets in marketing, but loyalty programs come pretty darn close. Marketers love them for their awesome ability to retain and grow their customer base. Customers love them because of the hyper-personalized treatment and rewards they receive. According to, spending on loyalty programs by U.S. companies in recent years has crossed the $2 billion dollar mark.

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  • Sneak Peek: Our Email Makeover Webinar

    … to send emails with clear goals, and needed to send those emails consistently. Contextual marketing is the best way to get the most out of your emails – but it’s no replacement for an email content strategy! Next, the brand had to be open to the change. We knew that during the makeover, we’d look for every available opportunity to optimize parts…

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  • Our 5 Favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails

    … Whether you love it or hate, you can’t avoid Valentine’s Day – in the inbox anyway. V-Day promotions were everywhere this year, with more brands ramping up their creativity and delivering exceptional email experiences. Here are five of our favorite emails from Valentine’s Day 2017. Our 5 favorite Valentine’s Day 2017 Emails Dunkin’ Donuts…

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  • How to Drive Customer Retention with Email Marketing

    … have a points-based rewards program, email is one of the best ways to update your customers on their rewards and points status. Using contextual marketing, you can automatically pull in up-to-the-minute points data to give customers a heads up that they’re about to enter a new tier level, or that they’re eligible for new rewards. To take it a step…

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  • Super Bowl 2017 Email Report: It’s a Touchdown for Read-Lengths

    … events. A few suggestions: Valentine’s Day, the Oscars, St. Patrick’s Day and Baseball Opening Day are all on the horizon. They’re not your typical marketing holidays, but they give you an excuse to reach out to your subscribers. Whichever opportunities you choose, be sure to always run tests if you’re trying something new. If you’re interested in taking contextual marketing for a spin, check out our eBook: Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing. …

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  • Enter to Win a Contextual Email Makeover

    … How do you feel about your emails? Do you like them, love them, or feel kind of “meh” about them? At Movable Ink, we want everyone to love their emails. And one of the best ways to make that happen is with context. Context enhances your emails, makes them work harder for you and helps you get the best marketing results possible. It enables you…

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  • [Case Study] Chick-fil-A

    … of their customers, no matter which device they used. In short, they needed an email campaign that could automatically detect its users device of choice and app download status and serve up the appropriate content. Sound impossible? Not for contextual marketing. Find out how Chick-fil-A leverage mobile device, targeting to achieve their goals and ultimately land the #1 spot in the iTunes app store. Download the case study now. …

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  • [Lookbook] The Inkredible 5: Best of 2016

    … 2016 was the year of stepping up your email game. We saw countless brands get more innovative in the inbox and embrace contextual marketing. We featured many of those brands in our quarterly lookbook, the Inkredible 5. It’s hard enough choosing the best contextual emails of each season. For the Inkredible 5: Best of 2016, we were tasked…

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  • 3 Ways Top Brands Create Engaging Year-In-Review Emails

    … digital issues. Pairing stats with graphics is a powerful way to visualize information. Spotlight your customers The best year-in-review emails bring the customer into the conversation. No one did this better than Spotify, who had customers asking how they could RE-SUBSCRIBE to their emails just so they could get this one campaign! It’s so much…

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  • Drinking Our Own Champagne: The Movable Ink Newsletter Redesign

    … should be on-brand, with your fonts, styles and colors coming together to tell a greater story. Web-cropping Web-cropping is a contextual marketing tactic that gives you an easy way of automating the content in your newsletter. It pulls content directly from your website or API into your email, so your emails always display up-to-the-minute…

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  • Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

    … Timeline of Contextual Marketing We were super excited to exceed 200 billion live content impressions this past Cyber Week. To celebrate, we created a timeline to showcase a few of our favorite client email campaigns throughout the years. 8. 5 Email Automation Best Practices Email automation is an increasingly popular topic, and yet it seems like…

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  • [Lookbook] The Winter Inkredible 5

    … marketing inspiration. Inside, you’ll see how Comcast, the San Francisco 49ers, Hotel Tonight and more have achieved amazing results with contextual email marketing – including one brand that lifted engagement by more than 100%! Download your copy now and prepare to get inspired. …

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  • Steal These Contextual Email Ideas for Your 2017 Campaigns

    … website content? Intelligent content automation lets you pull content directly from your website and updates automatically. So if you have a lot going on, intelligent content automation can help you completely automate your email production process. Ready to level up your emails in 2017? Use the ideas listed here to help guide your email marketing campaigns into 2017. Want to learn more about what contextual marketing can do for your brand? Check out our eBook, Everything You Need to Know About Contextual Marketing. …

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