• Street Culture: A Changing Culture of Inclusion and Conversation at Dispatch

    … the culture of inclusion by being included in the conversation. “They were saying, ‘You’re new to this conversation and we want to make sure you know how it works and how we help this customer,’” he says. “It was incredibly valuable to have that experience. I don’t need to bring along the new guy, but it’s in the best interest of the business.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • Hello, It’s Me: How to Add Conversation Back Into Content Marketing

    … missed it, or any of the hundreds of covers and parodies that it inspired, here it is: Ostensibly, the song is about trying to make a connection with an old flame. But if you listen closely, it’s the most one-sided conversation imaginable. “Hello, it’s me,” Adele sings. “I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet…they say time’s…

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  • What Measures Marketers Need to Take to Succeed Online

    … customer attention is more challenging than ever before as that attention is spread amongst many channels, devices, and platforms. To make it even more challenging, traditional broadcast messages are no longer effective. Customers want relevant messages reaching them via their choice of medium and delivered as a conversation. Mike Dover, co-author…

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  • Stop the Interruption Marketing and Start Delivering Value!

    … of noise. It’s getting harder for brands to stand out and unfortunately many of them are falling to noisy, interruptive and spammy tactics. It’s not about pushing content to the masses as fast as we can and hoping we get eyeballs, ears and mindshare. Hope is not a strategy, nor is spam. Smart marketers are quickly learning they must stop…

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  • How to Increase Conversations via Social Media

    … The key to successful social media advertising is to promote conversation between a brand and its customers. Social media is supposed to be an immediate tool for communication, but many businesses are falling behind and letting customers down. An infographic from SproutSocial suggests that only 1 out of 5 customer inquiries on Twitter…

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  • Creating Memorable Brand Experiences: Make them Sweet & Simple

    … opportunity focused on short term “knock it off your list” tactics vs slowing down to speed up and taking time to plan, set goals and align marketing and social media efforts where it can really have an impact on the business. Memorable brand experiences don’t have to be complicated. The truth is that brand experiences don’t have to be as complicated…

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