• Official Feature Release: Crazy Egg Recordings

      Today we are releasing our newest feature – Recordings. And as the name suggests, Crazy Egg users can now view video recordings of their website visitors’ sessions. Just to be clear, Recordings doesn’t record visitors through their computer cameras :). We record their screen activity as they navigate and use your website. H ...

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    • How Visual Cues Can Help Lift Conversions

      It’s a given that images can help lift conversions, but there’s more to it — literally — than meets the eye. Subtle image edits can make a big difference in audience reactions and, ultimately, in conversions. Numerous eye-tracking studies have been done using heat maps, saccade pathways and other methods.

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  • Trying to Grow? What Are You Itching to Learn About?

    … In the name of practicing what we preach, it’s about time we asked you what you want to know more of. Whether you want to optimize your website funnel or learn how to grow your traffic, let us know in the form below. Please Think Deeply 🙂 We really want to set out to create the best content we can. That means digging down and unearthing core…

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  • How To Create An A/B Testing Research Framework For Faster Iterations & More Wins

    … Here’s the most common problem I see when it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO): Not putting enough energy into conducting the proper initial research into what to test. One round of user tests, then change the website. One heatmap, then change the website. One cohort analysis, then change the website. This can lead to very bad testing…

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  • How to Convert More Customers by Adding Perceived Value

    … What separates a Hermès Birkin bag from a high-quality leather handbag you could buy anywhere? A label, a fancy charm, and about $22,000. But unlike the tangible qualities of a purchase, like the grade of leather used or the fact that the utterly useless bag charm is 14 karat gold, the perception of value is what really separates one bag from…

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  • 17 Tricks for Boosting Conversions On Any Landing Page

    … Your new year’s resolution? Boosting conversion rates, increasing business leads and achieving success! You probably know from experience that just driving traffic to your website with content, social media, and paid ads is only half the battle – you either need to get more specialized landing pages, or perfect them so a visitor considers…

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  • 9 Activation Secrets You Need to Be Using

    … friction generally means higher conversion rates. Example: Go from eleven down to four form fields and conversions shoot up 120%. Pat yourself on the back. Fire off a blog post to and call it a day. Plenty of artisanal stout beers to go ‘round. But here’s the thing. More isn’t always better. Over-optimizing conversion rates…

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  • After the Click: Setting the Stage for the Landing Page

    … and like us on Facebook! About the author: Director, Digital Development, Shaw + Scott (Vermont) DeeDee is a veritable digital marketing guru. Her experience spans beyond campaign conception, research, and creative development into integrated marketing, creative design, and more. She has proven her widespread expertise with over 100 brands. DeeDee…

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  • How In-App Messaging Converts Trial Users Into Paying Customers

    … with using in-app messaging to ask for referrals. Read this message from the Nickelled team: Image Source Messaging for More Conversions Building quality relationships with your audience starts with communication. In-app messaging offers an opportunity to connect and support your trial users in the customer journey. Strive to educate users about your…

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  • What a Home Shopping Network Can Teach You About Conversions

    …, day-to-day, trying to get as many paying customers as possible. Unbelievably, one perfect example emerges. From the least likely of places. The grandma-catering QVC serves as an exemplary model for increasing site conversions. No matter what industry you’re in. Here’s why and what they’re doing so well. How QVC is a Conversion Juggernaut One day I…

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  • The Beginner’s Guide To Making Facebook Advertising Convert

    … Most people use Facebook ads to pump up their visitor numbers. Wait, what? Let me be clear. They don’t wake up with that goal in mind, but it’s usually what ends up happening. I see this all the time with clients I work with. The problem isn’t that they can’t set up the Facebook ad campaigns or get visitors to their websites. It’s the next step…

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