• Instantly Boost Your Facebook Ad ROI With These 5 Advanced Tactics

    … At this very moment, there are marketers out there achieving great things with the help of Facebook Advertising. However, there’s a good chance that a lot of these marketers aren’t taking full advantage of what Facebook Advertising actually has to offer. In fact, a lot of them might be able to take their Facebook Ad Campaigns to the next level…

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  • Survey: What’s The Biggest Challenge For Your Online Business?

    … The mission of this blog is to help our customers and readers. One way we can do that is by creating content that will help you overcome your business obstacles. And one of the best ways to get feedback is to ask questions differently or phrase them differently. That’s what we’re doing in this survey. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you…

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  • Boost Conversions with These 8 SaaS Funnel Tweaks

    … (yet smart and powerful) techniques that require minimal changes on your website can help you achieve conversion boosts. Over the past few years, we have been successful in utilizing the proven SaaS funnel tweaks and have witnessed a notable increase in conversions. In this article, we want to share those eight SaaS sales funnel tweaks…

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  • Trying to Grow? What Are You Itching to Learn About?

    … In the name of practicing what we preach, it’s about time we asked you what you want to know more of. Whether you want to optimize your website funnel or learn how to grow your traffic, let us know in the form below. Please Think Deeply 🙂 We really want to set out to create the best content we can. That means digging down and unearthing core…

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  • Official Feature Release: Crazy Egg Recordings

    … Today we are releasing our newest feature – Recordings. And as the name suggests, Crazy Egg users can now view video recordings of their website visitors’ sessions. Just to be clear, Recordings doesn’t record visitors through their computer cameras :). We record their screen activity as they navigate and use your website. Here’s an example: We’ve…

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  • How To Create An A/B Testing Research Framework For Faster Iterations & More Wins

    … Here’s the most common problem I see when it comes to conversion rate optimization (CRO): Not putting enough energy into conducting the proper initial research into what to test. One round of user tests, then change the website. One heatmap, then change the website. One cohort analysis, then change the website. This can lead to very bad testing…

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  • How Visual Cues Can Help Lift Conversions

    … It’s a given that images can help lift conversions, but there’s more to it — literally — than meets the eye. Subtle image edits can make a big difference in audience reactions and, ultimately, in conversions. Numerous eye-tracking studies have been done using heat maps, saccade pathways and other methods. These studies reveal that web visitors…

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  • How to Convert More Customers by Adding Perceived Value

    … What separates a Hermès Birkin bag from a high-quality leather handbag you could buy anywhere? A label, a fancy charm, and about $22,000. But unlike the tangible qualities of a purchase, like the grade of leather used or the fact that the utterly useless bag charm is 14 karat gold, the perception of value is what really separates one bag from…

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