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In computer science, marshalling or marshaling is the process of transforming the memory representation of an object to a data format suitable for storage or transmission, and it is typically used when data must be moved between different parts of a computer program or from one program to another. Marshalling is similar to serialization and is used to communicate to remote objects with an object, in this case a serialized object. It simplifies complex communication, using custom/complex objects to communicate instead of primitives. The opposite, or reverse, of marshalling is called unmarshalling (or demarshalling, similar to deserialization).
Posts about Conversion Code
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    … sure you have enabled AdWords Autotagging. Autotagging will ensure that each click and action is attributed properly. You can now go back to your AdWords account and begin the import process. Simply select “Conversions” from the Tools menu. You will then see the option to import Analytics goals. Clicking this option will open a new menu with all…

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    …% conversion rate would be somewhat alarming to an Account Manager (“wait…is the conversion code on the landing page or the thank you page?”), the average agency should not have a 100% client retention rate. Not every agency has the same solution set, so it’s possible you’ve helped grow an account beyond what your team is capable of managing. Perhaps…

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