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    • 7 High-Converting Landing Page Examples for Your Personal Swipe File

      Many of us know of David Livingstone as a well-known Scottish explorer of Africa, perhaps most famous for being greeted with the underwhelming line, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” At the time of the famous greeting, he’d gone years without any kind of contact with the outside world, hence the fame surrounding the memorable, first-time interaction.

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  • 4 Conversion-Boosting Tips For Using Landing Page Videos

    … experimental formats. That’s how you can get a fresh perspective, and give your audience a brand new experience. Want to see what I mean? Let’s check out a few conversion-boosting tips for landing page videos to help inspire you. 1. Use a good thumbnail The first thing your visitors will experience about your video is its thumbnail, and videos have…

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  • 26 Different Lead Magnet Ideas That’ll Drive Dramatic Results

    …/Coupon If you’re an online retailer, discounts and coupons can be a valuable lead magnet. You could offer customers 20% off on their first purchase, for example. This will get them to sign up, and encourage a conversion. Then, you can continue to market to them via email. And even if they abandon their cart and don’t make a purchase, remarketing…

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  • 5 Advanced Conversion Rate Optimization Tips For 2016

    … done that, you can begin to identify changes to be made and trends to apply to your website. Then, you can A/B test those changes and implement the ones that increase conversions. So, have you got any of your own tips to add to this post? Guest Author: John Unger is a passionate writer and contributor from Manchester, UK. Currently, he works…

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  • 16 Online Tools That Will Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate

    … strategy takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Make sure it’s not all for nothing. Employ some of these tools to help improve your conversion rates and make a real impact on your bottom line. Guest Author: Anna Olinger is a technical content manager from Washington, DC. To learn more tips on content marketing, writing and social media follow Anna on Twitter and Linkedin. The post 16 Online Tools That Will Improve Your Website’s Conversion Rate appeared first on Jeffbullas's Blog. …

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  • 5 Ways To Come Up With A Perfect Lead Magnet For Your Blog

    … How do you attract potential customers? You could try to create some sort of viral video in which you and 20 friends suddenly start dancing in the middle of a crowded mall. You could create the next killer product that everyone must have and suddenly become so rich that you heat your house by burning piles of hundred dollar bills. You could…

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  • How to Create Content That Converts Like Crazy

    … will succeed. If you can’t, it’s going to be a struggle. Any business strategy must start and end with your audience. Content marketing is no different. If you want to boost your conversions you need to know who you’re trying to convert. Many marketers make the mistake of creating content for their peers. For example, as a freelance writer I could create…

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  • How to Leverage the True Potential of Landing Pages

    …. Quoted directly from HubSpot, “Your most powerful writing skill is simplicity. Simplicity sells.” One of the leaders in split testing niche, Optimizely does a great job in creating a simple landing page option that is focused on conversion. See below. This form of landing page is not only simple but highly effectively for what-ever-goal you…

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  • 10 Popup Calls-to-Action Your Readers Won’t Be Able To Resist

    … content, it just means there is way too much information and options for them to choose from. The only way to get these visitors back to your site time and time again is through email marketing. However, while the concept of setting up a mailing list seems easy – it’s not going to work it’s magic without some extra effort trying to entice…

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  • 5 Practical Ways to Increase Conversions on Your Website

    … senses and the parts of the brain that are activated. Effective calls-to-action (CTA’s) will combine both traditional selling strategies and the information that neuroscience provides. So let’s take a look at 5 practical ways that psychology and selling combine to increase conversions on your website. Placement psychology Your CTA button(s) must…

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  • 27 Tricks to Boost Blog Post Conversion Rates

    … everything about your content marketing strategy, sit tight. You can make amazing strides in your blog conversion rates with just a few tricks. Any of the following ideas can help you build your email list and increase engagement on your blog. 1. Create a call-to-action (CTA) in your top bar You’ve seen them before - Those bars at the very top…

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  • 5 Tips to Create an Irresistible Call to Action

    … conversions. Others include Instagram, Pinterest, OKCupid, and GoToMeeting. How to write a compelling call to action Perhaps you have invested a lot of time and effort into your online marketing strategy, but aren’t seeing results. Maybe you are getting traffic, but no conversions? Your calls to action may be letting you down. Here are 5 tips…

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