Conversion Rate

    • Merry Christmas from SEO Hacker!

      In spirit of the wonderful holidays, SEO Hacker wishes you a Merry Christmas! The holidays are the best season to spend some quality time with your friends and family, and is also a great time to take a good break and enjoy some great food and presents. Along with the wonderful gifts and food, it is also a great time to look back at all of the work that you have done during the ...

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  • Your Conversion Rate Solution: Omniconvert Review

    … Having a business website allows your audience to access your content and get to know what you have to offer. This increases the traffic to your website, which can help create more leads that can be converted into sales. Conversion can be a challenging process, especially if you do not have the right tools to do so. There are a lot of tools…

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  • Boost Your Conversion Rate Through Effective Social Media Marketing

    … Social Media is one of the most widely used networks in world, with over billions of users worldwide. With this large number, it is crucial to tap into the power of social media for your SEO campaign and expect to get a good conversion rate. Social media marketing is as complicated as it is large, and the trends and interests of the users change…

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  • How to Increase Conversion Rate of Your Sales Funnel

    … Struggling to increase the conversion rate of your sales funnel? You’re not the only one. In fact, only 22% of businesses are satisfied with their conversion rates. To be fair, conversion rate is one of the most complicated factors to optimize your business website. Not only do you need to build a sustainable strategy that allows you to drive…

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  • Email Marketing 101: Email Conversion Rate Optimization

    … Conversions – whether they take the form of a customer placing an order, downloading an eBook, registering for a webinar, etc. — are the goal every email marketing message and campaign. The metric used to measure conversions is called, not surprisingly, conversion rate. Lindsey Kolowich defines the metric at HubSpot as “the percentage of email…

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  • Optimizing The Landing Page Helps To Improve The Conversion Rate

    … and competitors to optimize your landing page. Knowing about the competitor’s landing page will help you create something better and unique. Piece of Information To enhance the optimization of your landing page to improve conversions you need to gain trust by openly communicating about your business and products. Help your clients by providing them with your…

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  • 3 Simple Ways To Improve Conversions For Your PPC Campaigns

    … current conversion rate Yes, to improve your conversions, it is quite important for you to know, from where you are taking the start. And for this, you can start by calculating your current conversion rate. However, if you're a beginner and don't know how to calculate the conversion rate, here is a simple formula to use: Divide your successes (Leads…

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  • Conversion Rate Optimization Mistakes You Must Avoid

    …, follow, sign up, etc. There are a number of methods you can try and quite a few common mistakes that can lead to failure. Look at things you should absolutely avoid when working on your conversion rate optimization (CRO). Don’t Think Short Term If website traffic, and therefore sales, are tanking, it is tempting to opt for a quick fix. People…

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  • 5 Simple Steps to Boosting Your Site’s Conversion Rate

    … Do you find your website generating a large volume of traffic but not yielding enough conversions? This is one of the greatest challenges many hoteliers face when it comes to their digital marketing success. Identifying the potential causes of failing to convert lookers into bookers is the first step in solving this very common problem. The most…

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  • 12 Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

    … If you are reading this article, certainly you are struggling with low conversion rates on your website. Do you know what is the major reason behind low conversion rates? Either you are not able to effectively deliver ideas to the customer or readers are not able to gain a sense of trust or bond with your product. To be very frank, the later one…

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