Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • How to optimize your contact page for better conversions

    … social media pages on your contact page, and vice versa. Many people would argue that making your social media sites visible will expose your business to unhappy customers taking their irritation into public, but the truth is, they will discuss your business online anyway: You’d better be there to control the sentiment. Provide a live chat option…

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  • Integrated Marketing – 4 Specialists Share Their Insights

    … on a siloed approach versus an integrated omni-channel approach in digital marketing? Your other channels probably ought to be aligned to what you’re doing on the site. I.e. rather than pointing to the home page, your communications should direct the user to specific landing pages. This involves planning the site around how the marketing guys…

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  • What Ecommerce Questions Can Google Analytics Answer?

    … be easy to stop at simply how many conversions you’ve had. Maybe you’ll normally look at the Ecommerce conversion rate, but dig a bit deeper and you can understand the opportunity you have to increase conversions. ‘Look To Book’ is a great place to start. Take your Ecommerce conversion rate and break it down further. Look to book ratio…

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  • The Koozai Guide To Using Crazy Egg

    …. List The List function in one pop up/overlay pulls together click and % share of each element that was clicked whether visible to the Snapshot or not. This provides a handy overview of data. Crazy Egg Insight First of all, it’s worth noting that for reporting purposes PDF and JPEG exports are available to download should lifting screenshots…

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  • Looking Beyond the Click: PPC Landing Page Tips

    … Are you complaining that you’re not getting enough conversions? Are you pointing the ‘blame finger’ at AdWords for delivering poor traffic? Or just scratching your head in search of the answer? Well it’s time to look closer to home, because quite often the issue is with your landing pages and not with the channel delivering traffic to them…

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  • The WIIFM Factor: What You Need To Know About Lead Generation

    A website should exist to serve a purpose. Gone are the days of having a site because, well everyone else has one so we may as well. A website should exist to feed a business leads, leads that convert to custom.Business websites need to serve the business. Understanding what role your site plays in the overall success of your business will better inform your marketing strategy.

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  • 13 Tips From MeasureFest 2014 (#MeasureFest)

    … MeasureFest has returned for 2014! We’re looking forward to another insightful day of Website Analytics, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Website Usability. I’ll be updating the post throughout the day, so keep checking back to see the latest analytics, CRO and usability tips. If you can’t find the talk you’re after, fear not, the post…

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  • Why Your Business Needs Predictive Analytics

    … in conversions; i.e. the closer a user is to your premises the more likely they are to convert. Additionally, the longer a user spends on your website, the more likely they are to convert. In this scenario, you would use the formula; Location + Visit Length = Conversion Probability You would assign higher values to locations closer to your premise…

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