Conversion Rate Optimization

    • Boost your conversion rate by 45% today… no, really!

      The goal of any good marketing campaign is conversions — or better yet, sales. Yes, key performance indicators (KPIs) like rankings and traffic can help you figure out whether or not your campaigns are on track, but if your marketing doesn’t lead to action (a conversion), it isn’t doing your business a whole lot of good.

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    • CRO for PPC: Back to the Basics

      December 8, 2016 Whether you’re completely new to the PPC industry or you’re an expert, there are always questions around what CRO is and why it’s important. I’ll walk you through what CRO is, what kind of testing you can do to optimize and why this is so important to your PPC account. What is CRO? CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. Yes, we want to optimize for conversion rate.

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    • Community Marketing 101

      Since the dawn of the internet, people have been drawn to online communities for collaborating and advancing knowledge. Discussions that previously took place in the depths of Usenet are now emerging on Reddit. In a matter of seconds, you can find massive online communities dedicated to everything from astrophysics to Zen.

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  • Generating leads from content: Placing calls to action

    … the visitor to visit a landing page. The advantage of strategy 1 is that it doesn’t require the visitor to leave the page, where conversion rates are usually higher. The advantage of strategy 2 is that dedicated landing pages with a specific offer have higher conversion rates than content landing pages. We’ve found that conversion rates for dedicated…

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  • Turning content pages into lead generators

    …. Typical landing pages are graded on their conversion rate, the number of people who take action divided by the number of people who see the page. Content pages tend to be graded on softer metrics, engagement metrics. Time on page and pages per visit are two soft metrics. If your business is investing in content to generate leads and sales, you need…

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  • Why You Need To Segment Your Data By Device When Reviewing Landing Page Performance

    …. Their intents are different. Their mindset is different. The way they use the device is different. All of these aspects have to be considered when you’re making optimizations. Your desktop users may react positively to a change on your landing page while the same change could result in a loss of mobile conversions. Let’s start by going through…

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  • Can company structure spawn cannibalization? Most definitely.

    … With so many business structure possibilities, it can be particularly complicated to consolidate content across departments, especially if it’s created in isolation. Internal structure can therefore dictate content efficiency, and decentralized structures can, in turn, spawn duplicate, overlapping or conflicting content. What is cannibalization…

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  • 5 Signs Your Digital Ads Need a Call Option

    … Like every teenager in history, your customers don’t like to be told what to do. They want options, even when it comes to digital ads. The click may have been king in the early days of the Internet, but smartphones have brought phone calls back as an integral part of the customer journey. Mobile customers […] The post 5 Signs Your Digital Ads…

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  • My Experience With Landing Page Best Practices And The Failures That Ensued

    … shoot yourself in the foot. How do I know this? It’s great that you asked! Because I’ve tested best practices and many of them have failed. Failed! They have lost in A/B tests with varying degrees of “loss” ranging from “Oh that’s not so bad” to “Ouch. I’m sorry conversion rate. We can learn from this.” Failure #1 “Secure” Checkout Best Practice…

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  • 3 popular CRO tactics (that can backfire terribly)

    … Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is an easy enough idea to understand. You perform tests, measure activity, and then choose a winner based on the results. Unfortunately, many popular CRO tactics can actually hurt your business if not done correctly. In this post, I’m going to share three such tactics — and show you how they can backfire…

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  • Weird Science: A Lesson in Failed Experiments

    … October 17, 2016 Much of what we do day in and day out in PPC is stare at numbers. Beautiful, finite numbers. We know numbers to be objective. If we spend $12,622 and that spend garners 31 conversions, we know the average cost per conversion is $40.716129. If our campaign is limited by budget and we raise our budget, we will no longer…

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  • Recounting My CRO Day 5-Second Showdown

    … October 13, 2016 #CRODay was just around the corner when I received an email from Oli Gardner stating that I’d been selected to compete in the 5-second landing page showdown that at the time was just 3 days away. Setting The Stage 12 participants (including little ol’ me) and 12 conversion rate optimization professionals go head-to-head…

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  • Major product launch: what does Optimizely X mean for CRO?

    … Last month, I attended the annual Opticon conference hosted by Optimizely, a leading CRO platform that provides brands with website and mobile A/B testing and personalization technology. At the conference, Optimizely made the long-awaited announcement that they were launching Optimizely X, a unified platform that enables businesses to “Experiment…

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  • How (and why) to build trust on your landing pages

    … Let me start out by saying there is no silver bullet to building a successful landing page. In fact, landing pages that convert well are often a product of rigorous, ongoing testing. This post is not about this – though we have a lot to say on this subject too. I’ll be focusing here on […] The post How (and why) to build trust on your landing…

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