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  • How To Color Your Website And Influence Conversion!

    … trust and authority, and it’s soothing and calming. Some cultures tie it with strength, while others see it as safe and divine. It’s worth noting that the most popular social platform in the world, Facebook, is blue. The reason is quite simple: it symbolizes trust, loyalty, transparency and sometimes power. Website designers often use blue in call…

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  • Your Definitive Guide To Customer Acquisition

    … to your website, the better. These work together to increase your natural, organic rank in the search engines. Conversion Rate Optimization Once your visitors land on your website, you have to do something with them. If they simply land on a page with content, but they don’t see any further actions to take, they’ll just bounce off. When it comes…

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  • Customer Retention Stats, Studies & Best Practices For 2016

    … great! We’re here to help you optimize your landing pages to increase your retention rates. In fact, we promise you we’ll do just that. With our guarantee, you can rest assured we will increase your profits through landing page optimization. If you’re ready to work with the leader in landing pages and conversion rate optimization, contact us today…

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  • eCommerce Conversion Rates, Stats and Best Practices For 2016

    … For those of you who run an online eCommerce site, we bet you’d like to give your sales a lift. In this article, we’re going to show you some ways to do just that. We are looking at eCommerce conversion rates, stats and best practices for 2016. First, let’s look at the average eCommerce conversion rates (the percentage of people who take…

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  • 7 Tools To Include In Your Customer Acquisition Plan

    … or video. Consider and evaluate pay-per-click options. You want to continue to test and refine your landing page and your channels to improve your conversion rate optimization. #7: Track and Measure Data Your successful customer acquisition plan depends on constantly testing and measuring your data. Set up your data collection well in advance…

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  • How To Use Landing Pages To Increase Email Subscribers

    … The most important pages on your website are your landing pages. Why? This is where you earn the trust of your website visitors, provide them something of value, and in the end, convert these folks into viable leads. Yet, many businesses aren’t leveraging the potential of their landing pages. In this article, we’re going to talk about how…

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  • How To Convert Web Visitors Using Website PopUps

    Did you know that nearly 70% of your first-time website visitors will leave your site, never to return? One of the biggest causes of this rapid exit is a lack of connection with your audience. Many of your website visitors don’t land on your home page. In fact, they usually land on your landing pages.

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  • Why Good Content Is Key To Conversion

    … and explain why good content is key to conversion. First, let’s define good content. Content Is… Good content is key to conversion, but before you start writing paragraph after paragraph of copy, let’s define content and look at how it can increase your landing page conversion rate. In our overly digital age, most consumers have no patience…

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  • 7 Ways You Can Build An Irresistible CTA On Your Landing Page

    … You’ve heard the saying, “You’ve got to leap before you fly.” This is certainly true when it comes to crafting a call to action (CTA) on your landing page. Consider the analogy. The “leap” is the call to action sending your visitor “flying” to your desired target. While creating the perfect CTA may sound challenging, we’ve put together seven…

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  • 4 Ways To Squeeze More Profit Out Of Your Website

    … – the place where your higher conversion rate boosts your profits without slamming your bottom line. #2: Optimize SEO You can squeeze more profit out of your website by working on your SEO (search engine optimization). When crafting your website and landing pages, you must pay attention to your SEO. You can’t build it and just expect people to show up…

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  • Where To Find Stock Images To Optimize Landing Page Conversion

    … use stock images, or your own images, to optimize landing page conversion. If you’d like more information on how to generate leads and increase conversions, we can help. Lead generation and conversion rate optimization are our specialty. We can help you improve your content and use images to optimize your landing pages. Contact us today. We’ll…

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  • Why Visitor Engagement is Critical Conversion Optimization

    … can increase your conversion rates through visitor engagement. 1. Allow Social Login: When you allow website visitors to login through one of their social media accounts, you make it easy for the consumer. Your website visitor is more likely to engage if they can auto fill your form. Plus, you increase the likelihood they’ll return because…

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  • 7 Landing Page Musts to Increase Your Conversion Rates

    … Did you know that all landing pages are web pages, but not all web pages are landing pages? If you answered, “Wow, I didn’t know that,” let’s first define a landing page. It will help you as we discuss seven landing page musts to increase your conversion rates. A landing page: Exists to persuade your customer to take an action. Captures…

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  • Should You Change Your Website Popups For Holiday?

    … Whether you’re currently using website popups, or you’re intrigued by the idea of them, it’s worth noting that evidence does exist that shows popups increase online conversion rate optimization in everything from sales to newsletter signups. This is increasingly true during the holidays when your web traffic most likely increases exponentially…

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