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  • How To Color Your Website And Influence Conversion!

    … Have you ever wondered if a specially chosen color would affect the buying habits of your website visitors? The answer is, “yes,” color absolutely influences visitors to your website, and it is even responsible for the actions they take. Let’s look at how to color your website and influence conversion, but, first, let’s review why color has…

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  • eCommerce Conversion Rates, Stats and Best Practices For 2016

    … For those of you who run an online eCommerce site, we bet you’d like to give your sales a lift. In this article, we’re going to show you some ways to do just that. We are looking at eCommerce conversion rates, stats and best practices for 2016. First, let’s look at the average eCommerce conversion rates (the percentage of people who take…

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  • 4 Ways To Squeeze More Profit Out Of Your Website

    … – the place where your higher conversion rate boosts your profits without slamming your bottom line. #2: Optimize SEO You can squeeze more profit out of your website by working on your SEO (search engine optimization). When crafting your website and landing pages, you must pay attention to your SEO. You can’t build it and just expect people to show up…

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  • Should You Change Your Website Popups For Holiday?

    … Whether you’re currently using website popups, or you’re intrigued by the idea of them, it’s worth noting that evidence does exist that shows popups increase online conversion rate optimization in everything from sales to newsletter signups. This is increasingly true during the holidays when your web traffic most likely increases exponentially…

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  • Building Trust On Social Media Can Win You More Conversions

    … you increased your conversion rate through added interactions on social media? Share them here – we’d love to hear about your experiences. If you’re ready to make the move to winning more website conversions, contact us today. We’ll provide you with our FREE site performance analysis to help you decipher what to change and how! Image: Joe the Goat Farmer The post Building Trust On Social Media Can Win You More Conversions appeared first on Landing Page Optimization Blog. …

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