Cookie Stuffing

  • Types, Resources, and Solutions for Ad Fraud Detection

    …, that utilize high cost-per-click keywords in the content to drive the most expensive ads to their own sites. Affiliate (CPA) Ad Fraud (AKA Cookie Stuffing) – sites often pay by users taking an action, so fraudsters programmatically manufacture a false action to trick the ad system into believing there was activity. Lead (CPL) Ad Fraud (AKA Conversion…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blogin Affiliate- 25 readers -
  • 4 Ways to Combat Growing Display Advertising Fraud

    Display advertising has long been a staple of digital marketing. It’s visual and compelling, it presents a clear call to action, and it can help create recall and brand awareness. But does it really? What if a majority of those metrics — impressions, clicks, and conversions — were actually a sham? Unfortunately, as companies demand more transparency from their advertising par ...

    Robert Glazer/ Relevance- 32 readers -
  • The Many Faces Of Programmatic Ad Fraud

    …, for example, but is no way related to Facebook’s actual ad inventory. After all, any Facebook user could tell you that there are no 300×250 or 728×90 banner placements. But with ad injection, inventory can be created on premium websites out of thin air. • Cookie Stuffing: The practice of cookie stuffing is nothing new to the world of online advertising…

    Ratko Vidakovic/ Marketing Landin Display- 33 readers -
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