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Copy testing is a specialized field of marketing research that determines an ad’s effectiveness based on consumer responses, feedback, and behavior. Also known as pre-testing, it covers all media channels including television, print, radio, internet, and social media.
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  • Creative Ad Copy Still Matters

    … testing is simplified by allowing advertisers to insert new values to test rather than writing a whole new ad. Sharing similarities with the traditional Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) approach and parameters, the new customizers are a good model for creating an ad template, but not for dynamically writing custom ad copy. Perhaps price and model…

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  • How to Stop Wasting AdWords Spend In Just 3 Clicks

    … not your cup of tea? Check out these other time saving tools from Hero Pro! Don’t waste your ad spend, protect yourself and your client. Ad Guardian does the one thing you can’t, but should: It constantly monitors your landing page, detects when the page goes down, and then pauses your corresponding ad campaigns when the page goes down. When your…

    Jeremy Page/ PPC Heroin Paid Search How To's- 8 readers -
  • Naughty Habits to Shake Before the Krampus Comes to Town

    … tracking set up, etc.). Trading Off on the Basics We talk a lot about expanding your reach with PPC, and that’s a very important part of it. You should constantly be looking for great new ways to improve and build, but that doesn’t mean the basics should go by the wayside. Continual ad copy testing, bid changes, checking in on bid modifiers, looking…

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  • Part 7: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    …” or “Style, Ease and Functionality.” Unfortunately, these directives didn’t always work because they weren’t based on real data. Fortunately, now you can use SEM ad copy testing to generate a lot of data, efficiently uncovering the buzzwords that work for your brand. To get started, solve the crossword puzzle to learn which words perform well…

    Sarah Burns/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 4 readers -
  • The Easiest Way To Protect Your Campaigns From Wasted Spend

    … previously paused ads maximizing return on ad spend. Easy: Simply link your account, select the websites you want to protect, and enter your email address for notifications, that’s it! Sound intriguing? We thought so too – that’s why we built it! Ad Guardian is only available with a Hero Pro account, which you can try free for seven days. Hero Pro…

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  • Top 5 PPC Fails

    … for campaign performance. Many people don’t put a lot of thought into structure or never revisit the hierarchy after campaigns are active. Many times I log into AdWords or Bing and see the “Limited by Budget” alert in the dashboard, signaling a missed opportunity. You’re losing impressions on possibly valuable keywords because your campaign organization…

    PPC Heroin Paid Search Google- 6 readers -
  • Part 5: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … You don’t need Drew Kerry to help you figure out if “The Price Is Right” for your products. SEM ad copy testing can determine not only the most profitable price point, but also the most lucrative way to messaging pricing. Inspired by “The Price is Right’s” Double Prices game, Boost Media shares how to do this. Let’s say you are an online…

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  • Part 4: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … length, click here. Lessons for your CMO Look to SEM ad testing to understand device context. A search for “last minute San Francisco hotel” means something different to a laptop user in New York than it does to an iPhone user wandering the streets of San Francisco. Use large-scale SEM ad copy testing to uncover contextual differences by device…

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 1 readers -
  • Part 2: SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … analyzed online dating conversations revealing the worst words to use in digital pick-ups (Spoiler alert: “ur”, “r”, “sexy”, and “beautiful”). Now, Boost Media’s data scientists have applied similar natural language processing techniques to retail SEM ad copy. Based on the more than 1.3 billion impressions analyzed, we know that “available” is a major…

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 6 readers -
  • Intro to Generating SEM Ad Copy Testing Insights for Your CMO

    … For the next 10 Tuesdays, Boost Media will be sharing secrets on how to derive executive insights from SEM ad copy testing. Moreover, we will provide benchmarks based on retail vertical data to answer questions like, “What is the number one worst word to include in SEM ad copy?” and, “How is this information actionable to my CMO?” This week, we…

    Karen Amundson/ BoostBlogin Paid Search- 3 readers -
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