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    • 37 Ways to Rock Your Content

      Sometimes, content marketing is a numbers game. And this week on Copyblogger, we have lots of ideas for well-defined, specific actions you can take to improve your website and create some excellent content. Specifically, we have 37 ideas. On Monday, Stefanie kick-started our week with a nifty little process to turn one lonely content idea into four strong posts.

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    • How to Unlock the Door to Effective Content with Your Creativity

      We definitely had a creativity thread weaving through the week, both on the blog and the podcasts. On Monday, I continued our “Quick Copy Tips” series by talking about the difference between benefits and features. It’s one of the first topics covered in nearly every copywriting book, but even experienced writers often get it wrong — because it can be so tricky to see with fresh eyes.

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  • Better Content, Better Websites, and a Little Inspiration

    On Monday, Brian Clark kicked off a new series of quick copy tips. These are short, powerful techniques that can make your copy more persuasive and get you to your goals faster. This time, Brian taught us about the Proclamation Lead — a way to cut through the clutter and start your content with a bang.

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  • Expand Your Content Marketing Toolkit

    …. On the Copyblogger FM podcast this week, I talked about how to attract the specific audience you want to your business, podcast, or blog. Everything you do will get much easier when you know you’re talking to the right folks. And on our brand-new Sites podcast, Jerod Morris covered easy ways you can use excellent design to forge a stronger connection…

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  • The Path to Freedom, More Creativity, and … Really Good Audio Quality

    … Your Own Slice of Independence by Sonia Simone 10 Easy Tips for Professional Audio Quality by Toby Lyles How to Attract Your Ideal Customer with Perfectly Positioned Content by Jerod Morris How to Create Stability and Success as an Artist by Sonia Simone How Award-Winning Short Story Writer Abigail Ulman Writes: Part One by Kelton Reid The post The Path to Freedom, More Creativity, and … Really Good Audio Quality appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • Practical Tips to Move You Toward Your Content Marketing Goals

    … on Copyblogger FM, I talked about the “killer and the poet” — and what to do if you need a little boost in one of those two roles. And … did we mention the new Sites podcast? I’m rather partial to the one that Jerod recorded based on my Digital Sharecropping post. We have four episodes for you at this launch. Each episode of Sites focuses on one…

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  • The Balance of Creativity and Productivity

    … If you read Copyblogger for any length of time, you’ll notice a theme that comes up again and again — the balance of creative “arty stuff” with pragmatic productivity. Creativity makes our content worth reading. Strategic implementation gets us where we want to go. Each depends on the other. On Monday, Stefanie Flaxman talked about…

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  • Improve Your Writing and Last Chance for Rainmaker Platform

    … to jump in. To get the advantageous pricing we have today, you’ll need to start your free trial before Friday, June 16, 2017 (that’s tomorrow) at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time. On Tuesday, Stefanie asked if your blog necessarily needs a robust editing and proofreading process. And no, the answer isn’t automatically “of course it does.” Answer her three…

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  • Doors Are Open for Certification (and Other Fun Things)

    Remember all the conversations we’ve been having about the Certified Content Marketer program? Well, the doors are open — and they’re going to be closing again on Monday, June 12. If you’d like to be featured on our list of recommended writers (and get our most advanced content strategy course), this is how you do it.

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  • It’s ‘We Love the Writer’ Week on Copyblogger

    … Actually every week is “We love the writer” week on Copyblogger. But this one is special, because we’re about to open up the Certified Content Marketer program to a new group of students. This is a program that turns talented writers into well-paid talented writers. The key pieces are a content marketing strategy course (Brian Clark and I…

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  • A Big Week at Copyblogger

    … Ever been frustrated with putting a site together and wished someone could just do the whole thing for you? With custom graphics, copy, marketing automation, and even content strategy — all using Copyblogger principles? Very soon, we’re going to be able to make that happen. Our big news this week is that we’ve entered into a relationship…

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  • What Not to Do (in Content Marketing)

    …. And on Wednesday, Stefanie Flaxman shared an embarrassing email marketing fail (not ours, thank goodness) — and the lessons to be learned from it. Over on the Copyblogger FM podcast, I dug into the deliciously awful disaster of the Fyre Festival that Wasn’t … and talked about what it means to accept responsibility for messes. How about you — got…

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  • Tough Love Week on Copyblogger

    … you do with it! — Sonia Simone Chief Content Officer, Rainmaker Digital Catch up on this week’s content 5 Elements that Build a Roster of Terrific Clients by Sonia Simone How to Become a Great Copywriter by Robert Bruce Master This Writing Practice to Find More Loyal Readers by Stefanie Flaxman How to Recruit the Best Talent for Your Online…

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  • It’s Freelancer Freedom Week on Copyblogger

    … Did you know that freelancers make up about a third of the U.S. workforce? I didn’t either, until I listened to Brian’s Unemployable podcast episode from last week. What I did know is that freelancers have always been a wonderful part of our audience on Copyblogger. This week, we have a lot of great content to support freelance success…

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  • Gear Up for a More Powerful Online Presence

    … — without crashing into a concrete pillar. And on Wednesday, I wrote about surviving the annoyances of social media, based on my nearly three decades of getting into pointless fights with people on the internet. I actually have figured a couple of things out, and I’m happy to share them with you. On the Copyblogger FM podcast this week, I talked…

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  • Practical Strategies for Smart Content Creators

    Before we get started — just a reminder that if you’ve been thinking about moving your site to StudioPress Sites, this is a fantastic week to do it. Not only will you get your first month free, we’ll even migrate your existing WordPress site for you. Also for free. Hooray for free, my favorite amount. StudioPress Sites lets you keep the power and flexibility of WordPress … without the hassles.

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