• Desk, a Mac Desktop Blogging Editor

    …Mac Apps: Desk, a Desktop Blogging Editor I have a serious addiction: Mac apps. As things go, it’s not a serious addiction, of course. However, it’s a nuisance. Just this week, I bought Typed, a Mac Markdown editor. Now there’s Desk. (Sigh.) Why, oh why yet another app? A couple of reasons. I like blogging as a break from serious writing…

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  • Your Resume Cover Letter: It’s Not About YOU

    … You’ve heard about a fantastic job, and you feel you’ve got as much chance of getting it as anyone else, so it’s time to write a resume cover letter. You grit your teeth, because you’re determined to get it right. They’ll love you, and decide that you’re perfect for the job. Maybe. If you’ll forget about yourself for a moment. Big, Important…

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  • Time Management, Self-Management: Bullet Journaling

    …Time Management, Self-Management: Bullet Journaling Resources Time management is self-management. We all have the same amount of time; it’s what we do to manage ourselves that counts. I became interested in time management again a few months back when I discovered bullet journaling. I’m a big fan of paper; working something out on paper…

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  • Writing Journal 14: Short Stories Sell

    … My writing journal for Monday, August 25, 2014. You can find all the writing journal entries here. Novellas Up at 5AM, eager to write. Did more outlining on the current novella, which is #4, and wrote 1,100 words. I could have written more, but spent one timer session to researching so that I can create the meta data for novella #3. I spent…

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  • Copywriting Tips: For New and Established Copywriters

    … It’s copywriting week on Fab Freelance Writing Blog. Not only will we have copywriting tips galore, we’ll be cover our usual mix of writing guides and inspiration. Looking around on various forums, I noticed that “copywriting” has morphed into a weird mix of definitions. Content writers who write informative rather than sales material call…

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  • Freelance Copywriting: Master Class Offering

    … 16. Enjoy. You receive hands-on copywriting experience Over the ten weeks, as you write, you build both your business, and your skills. We don’t cover useless information like: “get a business name” and “get business cards.” You can get a business name if you wish, but you don’t need our help for that. And the last time I had business cards printed…

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