• 10 frequently ignored grammar rules you need to know

      The rules of grammar can sometimes be complicated and confusing. Whether you’re someone who writes for a living, like a journalist or copywriter, or just someone who writes occasionally, there seems to be an endless list of rules and traps for young players. Often, writers aren’t even aware they’re breaking common grammatical taboos.

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  • Why should I keep blogging? It’s not working!

    … There is a common query we hear: Should I keep blogging? I don’t think it’s working. The short answer is, yes, you should keep going. It’s important to understand that content marketing (which includes blogging) is a ‘slow-drip’ process. But just because it’s a slow process doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. It takes time to build interest…

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  • How to use quotation marks and apostrophes

    … Do you want to know what really bugs me? Quotation marks and apostrophes. As a professional copywriter and editor, I see these punctuation marks abused all the time. Quotation marks are sometimes used to indicate that a word is being used in a non-typical, ironic, or other special sense. This usage has been coined ‘scare quotes’ and implies…

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  • How to structure a better brand story

    Do you know the essential element required for brand storytelling? Here’s a hint – it’s something novelists don’t have to worry about. Too often marketers miss a trick when preparing case studies, articles, media releases and blog posts about their company. If you’re producing content as part of your overall marketing strategy, here’s what you need to know to tell better stories.

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  • What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team

    … You’ve been shipwrecked on an uninhabited island, somewhere with blue skies and dazzling aquamarine waters. But after some time passes, no matter how big a fan of sushi you are, the appeal of your solitary paradise starts to wane. You’ve amassed a fine collection of rocks — suitable for crafting, let’s say, a copywriting message. Read More... The post What’s Your ‘Desert Island’ Copywriting Technique? Answers from Our Team appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • The Bold and the Stressful: Smart Ways to Make a Big Move

    … Sometimes, you just have to muster your courage and do something Big. It might mean making a brave statement with your content, or creating a splash by launching something new and amazing. On Monday, Brian Clark shared a strategy for telling a more gripping story by using the framing power of contrast. And he showed Read More... The post…

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  • Supercharge Your Benefits with Contrast Storytelling

    … Your copy has to convey the benefits of buying, period. But have you thought about how to best frame those benefits? The Framing Effect is a psychological response in which people react to a particular choice in different ways depending on how it’s presented. For example, we tend to want to avoid pain more than Read More... The post Supercharge…

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  • Brand journalist: Why I’m content in content marketing

    …. Those services go well beyond simply copywriting. Brands need journalists, editors, subeditors, videographers, animators, artists — all the skills I either developed or worked alongside during my 17 years in traditional media. Working in content marketing feels just like working in the media. What I love about content marketing…

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  • 5 Ways to Convert More Prospects by Making Your Case

    … Your headline draws them in, while your opening copy maintains the magnetic hold. The express benefits give them hope that they may have found the solution they desire. And then you ask for the sale with an explicit call to action. A total win, right? Then why are you still disappointed with your results? You’re Read More... The post 5 Ways…

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  • How to Create (and Sell) Products People Actually Want to Buy

    … This week offers a mix of inspiration, clarity, purpose … and some good, old-fashioned results-oriented copywriting. On Monday, I shared some of the practical, repeatable steps you can use to create an online course that people actually want to buy. (That’s a fun thing to do, by the way, and I totally recommend it.) Brian Read More... The post How to Create (and Sell) Products People Actually Want to Buy appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • #171: DIYing Your Business: 5 Areas to Focus On When You’re Just Starting Out

    … ANNOUNCEMENT: I would LOVE to see you at my LIVE EVENT this year in San Diego! As a special thanks to my podcast listeners, I’m giving away TWO CHANCES to win a free ticket to my event. You only have until TONIGHT at 5pm PST to enter! CLICK HERE for all the details! I love […] The post #171: DIYing Your Business: 5 Areas to Focus On When You’re…

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  • Know what makes your audience tick and use the right words

    … While at Detroit Metropolitan Airport recently to catch a flight to Kansas City, I learned a little something about audience. I’m actually surprised I’m not still being detained by Transportation Security Administration agents. Let me explain. For a couple of years now, my husband and I have had a love affair with that fine drink, the Old…

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  • 4 Workspace Hacks That Can Boost Your Creativity

    … Content developers: Do you know that the brightness of your workspace can affect your ability to generate ideas? Or that an environment that is too quiet can have a negative effect on creativity? How about the temperature – can that make a difference, too? It turns out that paying attention to those factors, and other aspects of our work…

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  • How Big Brands Develop Brand Voices That Drive Revenue

    … What makes your copy compelling? There are tons of articles detailing how power words will help your message stand out. How telling stories is the key to eliciting an emotional response and sense of camaraderie. And of course using classic formulae like AIDA to walk users through the different stages to a purchase decision. These are common steps…

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