• 4 Ways to Leverage the Power of Conversational Copywriting

    … Way back in 1999, a business was born: Marketing Words. While a few other freelance copywriters and companies were online in those early days, most had not yet grasped the essence of the Net. One of the smart ones, Nick Usborne, carved a digital path for himself by always having a unique approach regarding how […] The post 4 Ways to Leverage the Power of Conversational Copywriting appeared first on Marketing Words Blog. …

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  • BNR 180: How much are you worth?

    How much of your time, effort and IP are you giving away? Why are you doing it? Are you getting a return on it? When is it time to say “that’ll cost you”? And how much do you charge? Brand Newsroom is a marketing podcast for anyone who has a say in how companies are communicating — covering marketing, content marketing, public relations, media, branding and advertising.

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  • Commonly Confused Words and the Rules to Follow

    … Using the wrong word can have a really negative effect on your business. (Or is it “affect”?) The English language includes many words that are easy to confuse and misuse. But choosing the right word in a proposal or a blog post could make all the difference between securing a customer’s business and losing out to a competitor. Or, as the great…

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  • The ‘Ninja Trait’ that Copywriting Clients Are (Desperately) Looking For

    … Maybe you dreamed for years before becoming a professional writer. Maybe you’re still dreaming, trying to work up the courage to take that mighty leap. Once you do, you immediately find out that the dream of writing for a living tends to collide with the nightmare of meeting your deadlines. Not to mention keeping track Read More... The post The ‘Ninja Trait’ that Copywriting Clients Are (Desperately) Looking For appeared first on Copyblogger. …

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  • How To Write Profitable Autoresponder Emails like This Kopy Kingpin

    … You’ll agree that every time a visitor to your website subscribes, it’s a moment to celebrate. But are you actually treating that conversion with the proper respect it deserves? I mean, are you just lazily delivering your new fan with a one-and-done “Thanks for signing up, here’s your content upgrade” email? Or are you treating every new…

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  • Livestream Replay: Your Questions Answered, My Favorite Underrated Marketing Skill & More

    … Our recent livestream was very well received among everyone who took part. I spent a lot of time answering specific questions related to product creation, online marketing, email marketing and more. Plus, we covered interesting topics like communication skills and the problem with most people's copywriting. In case you missed out, here's your chance to watch the replay! […]…

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  • The Emergency Intervention for Your Copywriting Skills

    … You've got a serious problem. Yes, you. The problem is that your copywriting is terrible. And bad copywriting touches every aspect of your business. It makes it more difficult to sell things, it makes it more difficult to get traffic, it makes it more difficult to build an audience. In short: poor copywriting is an obstacle on every step…

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  • 7 Expert Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Sell

    … What are the two most-read sections of any piece of copy? The title and the bullets. This is one reason why almost all e-commerce content management systems (CMSs), as well as online e-tail giant Amazon, include bullets in their product description templates. How to Write a Bullet Point Writing bullets that sell takes more than […] The post 7 Expert Tips for Writing Bullet Points That Sell appeared first on Marketing Words Blog. …

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  • To hyphenate, or not to hyphenate, that is the question

    … Hyphens can be tricky little things. We see them in sentences all the time, but many of us aren’t sure when to use them. There’s a reason for that: they’re not always straightforward. When I’m writing or editing I might not always hyphenate, but when I’m considering it, I at least know where to look for the rules. Look it up The first place…

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  • Want More Persuasive Copywriting? Use Your 5 Senses

    … In its most basic form, persuasive copywriting is, among other things, the art of conveying a message in writing for the purpose of enticing someone to do something. This is especially true when writing descriptive copy. Why? Because all of your customer’s five senses don’t work online… they only work in person. That’s why you […] The post Want More Persuasive Copywriting? Use Your 5 Senses appeared first on Marketing Words Blog. …

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  • Jump into a Creative and Productive New Year

    … Happy new year! I hope your holidays were good and that you’ve managed to re-find some semblance of your routine. (Or maybe even some cool new routines.) On Tuesday this week, Stefanie Flaxman gave us seven ideas for how to thrill your boss, editor, or clients with your writing professionalism. And on Wednesday, Brian Clark Read More... The post…

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  • Top 17 Blog Posts of 2017

    … After clicking through all the posts on the Marketing Words blog during 2017, here are the top 17 that were without a doubt the most popular! Here’s to your success! #17 – The Simple 7-Step Process for Writing Enticing Product Descriptions #16 – 7 Work-Life Balance Tips to Keep Entrepreneurs Sane #15 – Amazon Optimization: […] The post Top 17…

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  • Three Killer Skills Professional Writers Need to Succeed in 2018

    … What brought you here today? What are you hoping to learn, be, become, do, or change by reading Copyblogger? We’ll be asking that question a lot in the coming year, but while we wait (feel free to answer in the comments below — we’d love to hear it), allow us to talk about why we Read More... The post Three Killer Skills Professional Writers…

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