Copywriting And Conversion

  • Inside Firepole: What We Learned From Our Biggest Product Launch Yet

    … pocket for when your business is a lot bigger. Being Married to Your Ideas As a content creator, what you think matters. It really does. You have a lot of choices to make about what to present when, and how – and it’s your job to make those decisions. But you don’t get the final word. And your boss, if you have one, doesn’t have the final word. Only…

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  • 42 Ways To Scare Off Your Customers With Bad Website Design

    …. This is bad for readability and for search engine optimization (SEO). You can have a downloadable pdf version available as an option, but make sure you convert your pdf’s to web-friendly formats, such as posting them on a page or making them into a blog post. Trap #8: Animation Really, folks, the days of dancing dogs on a star-spangled background…

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  • How to Create Stronger, More Professional Content by Using Templates

    It’s a safe bet that you spend quite a bit of time creating content: not just blog posts, but also email newsletters, downloadable guides or in-depth pillar posts, and of course tweets, Facebook posts and other social media updates. That’s a lot of writing… and a lot of time invested. Are you really using that time effectively? Or do you feel a bit like this: Overwhelmed ...

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  • Project ABC: The Evolution of A Business Idea

    … reader-to-subscriber conversion rates, ineffective guest posts, delayed launches, inconsistent emails were all just symptoms masking a bigger, 5’6, 135 pound problem: me. One night, frustrated, I tore out a sheet of paper from my work binder and started listing all the reasons why Speak for the Meek hadn’t launched. As I started listing them, I saw…

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  • CEI 088: Strategies for Micro Business with Tara Gentile

    … We are really excited about today’s podcast. Tara Gentile is tackling the difference between building the type of business that lets you do what you love, and a six or seven figure business. Tara defines a micro business as a business that’s run by one individual, who may or may not have a team of contractors who work in the business. She’s here…

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  • CEI 086: Kick-Ass Marketing Funnels with Todd Brown

    … On today’s episode of Connect, Engage, Inspire, we’re talking about funnels – marketing funnels, that is. Todd Brown from Marketing Funnel Automation is here to take us through all of the levels of marketing funnels and how to use them to generate more money and become more successful. So what does that really mean? Well, Todd is the king…

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