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  • Why I Use Markdown, & You Should Too

    … of the HTML elements, including lists, and converts quotes to smart quotes (I love that). So the Markdown because purty HTML: HTML from Markdown, just like that Which, after a cut-and-paste becomes the blog post you’re reading. It’s soooo easy You’ll learn Markdown 10x faster than you learned MS Word. Try the tutorial. Then try one of the tools…

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  • Making amazing content: The links

    … This is a steadily-growing list of links from my talk about amazing content tactics: Markdown-related Daring Fireball guide to Markdown Syntax Marked: An OS X desktop Markdown preview tool MarkdownPad: Windows Markdown preview and editing tool Web-based Markdown editing Editing/proofing Hemingway Grammarly Image compression Imageoptim Caesium The post Making amazing content: The links appeared first on Portent. …

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  • How to: Edit and proofread

    … Editing and proofreading are a pain in the tuchus. I want to get someone else to read my work. But face it: Most of the time I’ve waited until the last minute. Everyone around me is busy. I have one hour to get this report/blog post/whatever out the door. Here’s my real-world editing routine, taught to me by a great writer back in 19muttermutter…

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  • Teach me something

    … This post is more than my usual rant. It’s going to make people squirm. Hell, it made me squirm, because we’re all guilty of my topic: Marketing content has become meaningless word puke. My dark epiphany I did some research today. I wanted to learn a new thing about marketing. So, I looked at ten articles, all on the same topic. They all said…

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  • Pooping Bowling Balls and Other Content Truths

    … Sleep-deprived delirium plus an attempt to ponder copywriting & content produces lists like this: Coming up with a good title for a post: Sometimes it’s easy. Sometimes it’s like pooping a bowling ball. I have to write a lot of crap to write anything good. If you have neither the time nor the money for good content, you have neither…

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  • How to Write Sincere Marketing Copy

    The fear of scarcity permeates our culture. People believe they don’t have enough. They spend time calculating how much they want. And when they see what others have, all they can think about is what they’re missing. In Buddhism, this concept is called “The Hungry Ghost.” Hungry ghosts are beings with tiny mouths the size of a pin and large, empty stomachs.

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