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  • 5 Tips on Writing Marketing Content that Drives Business Value

    … good to keep an eye on the marketing copy at first. This isn’t a radical idea with no oversight, it’s just a reminder to favor the “hands off” approach whenever possible. Tip #3: Focus on Conversion Likes and views are great, but a business can’t survive just by being popular. Measure the success of marketing materials based on how well…

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  • Copywriting Tips For Your eCommerce Brand Pages

    …. In this article we’re going to provide you with some copywriting tips for your eCommerce brand pages. First, let’s talk about the logistics of copywriting. At its simplest, it is simply writing. But, to truly increase your conversion rates, consider this definition of quality copywriting: Copywriters take text and use it to inform audiences and move…

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  • The Long and the Short of It: Landing Page Length

    … The length of a landing page is one of the key factors that will influence how well it converts your visitors, but what length is best? Read on to learn more about the long and short of landing pages. Short Landing Pages Minimize Scrolling Image via Flickr by Rob Ellis Many people who are fans of short landing pages argue that they minimize…

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  • Copywriting Tips: For New and Established Copywriters

    … It’s copywriting week on Fab Freelance Writing Blog. Not only will we have copywriting tips galore, we’ll be cover our usual mix of writing guides and inspiration. Looking around on various forums, I noticed that “copywriting” has morphed into a weird mix of definitions. Content writers who write informative rather than sales material call…

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  • How to Create Emotion on Your Landing Page

    …? Here are four tips to help you create actionable emotions on your landing page. Understand Your Buyer Image via Flickr by groupon Before you can design a landing page that appeals to your customers’ emotions, you need to know exactly who they are. Look at the demographics of the people who buy your products and services. To drill down, consider…

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