Cord Cutting

  • YouTube offers new TV service. What’s the catch?

    … YouTube offers new TV service. What’s the catch? YouTube recently announced that they would be getting into the broadcast TV game by revealing their new service called YouTube TV. Launching later this month, YouTube TV will be offering live streaming of the four major broadcast networks along with some other cable channels for $35 a month…

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  • Some towns considering a Netflix tax

    …, and Sacramento are among the more than 40 California cities who are currently seeking guidance from municipal consultants as to how they might implement a Netflix tax. Unfortunately it’s the regional monopolies that these cities have created for the cable companies that has led to the cord cutting movement. Monopolies breed complacency while…

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  • Google to launch its own streaming service

    … is that Netflix could use some real competition. Once the darling of the cord-cutting movement Netflix has recently been shown not to have access to all the movies that users feel they should. So, if Google offers an alternative to Netflix, this could cause Netflix to step up its game. Competition and choice is usually good for consumers. On the other…

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  • FCC proposal attempts to free us from the cable box

    …, the cable box may be a thing of the past. With more people using streaming devices, like a Roku or Apple TV, the FCC wants the cable companies to allow their services to be accessed through these devices rather than exclusively through cable boxes. The FCC believes that this will allow consumers more choices for their viewing habits. The cable…

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  • The US Hispanic Market and Future of Content Marketing

    … Published 1 min ago 25 The Hispanic market, namely the young Hispanic market, has recently taken the cord-cutting theory by storm. Spanish is the second most popular language spoken in the United States and this fact is becoming widely evident in the types of shows that the Hispanic market wants to see. With 76 percent of the Hispanic…

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