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  • 7 Tips on Getting More Readers to Your Corporate Blog

    … – Blogs You can include the URL for your blog on your email messages and can use email newsletters to advertise about your blog. The topics should be chosen to attract the members of a target audience such as homeowners or athletes. Customers may want to have information about the contaminants in water or about the different kinds of bread for a bread…

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  • Blog Strategy: Driving Website Traffic & Business Revenue

    … A blog gives a website a free space to engage with its visitors. Often used to introduce readers to the specific field that the business is involved in, a blog allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the idea of a company in relation to their industry. Furthermore, blogs can reveal your standing within your line of business…

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  • 10 Tips to Humanize Your Company Blog

    … The digital arena continues to expand. It’s growing so rapidly that some are worried it may take over jobs and any need for humans in commerce. Most analysts will say you shouldn’t be worried about robots taking over the world, but businesses are unknowingly allowing automation to remove the human element from many of their activities. This could…

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