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    • Tuesday Technicalerts: Simplify The Digital Workplace To Avoid Information Overload

      Nearly everyone who works in an office is familiar with the feeling of being overwhelmed by daily tasks and internal communication demands. Most employees in modern workplaces are constantly swamped with emails, meeting requests, texts, and instant messages - even when they’re out of the office. The result? We’ve all become expert multitaskers.

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  • Hone Your Branded Content with These 6 Tips

    … In a market where a brand’s values and philosophy continue to gain importance in the eyes of consumers, companies should be prepared to “open up” to their audience at any chance they get. Be it an origins story or a mission statement, showing off the moral, ethical and ideological fabric of a brand has become as important as the exchange…

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  • The Official Business Guide To Nailing Co-Branding

    … Co-branding is the alliance of two companies that are working together to create 'Marketing Synergy.' This marketing strategy can result in sponsorships or ad placements and can benefit both brands by expanding their audience. When co-branding is executed properly, both brands should benefit from the partnership, but it’s risky because…

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  • 5 Examples of Great Homepage Messaging For Your Website

    … If you want to captivate a website visitor who comes to your site knowing little or nothing about your brand, nothing is more important than nailing your homepage messaging. You have just seconds to convince the user not to abandon your site. The main message is one of the most prominent elements on the homepage, and if it doesn’t appeal to users…

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  • Branding Strategy: So You Want to Hire a Digital Agency?

    … You’ve decided the time has come to bring on a team to make your digital dreams a reality. Here are 10 things to think about before you seal the deal. 1. What Kind of Business Do You Have? Different kinds of business models and industries have disparate digital needs. Have you identified your business model, your industry, and the opportunity…

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  • Blog Strategy: Driving Website Traffic & Business Revenue

    … A blog gives a website a free space to engage with its visitors. Often used to introduce readers to the specific field that the business is involved in, a blog allows potential clients to familiarize themselves with the idea of a company in relation to their industry. Furthermore, blogs can reveal your standing within your line of business…

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  • Increase Brand Value Through Positive Marketing

    … Can you name five brands you would not be able to live without? Positive marketing aims to impact a consumer in a meaningful way. Inspiring feelings such as self-confidence and hope, positive marketing has the power to cause personal and societal change, while also cultivating brand loyalty. As a digital marketer, I could not help but relate…

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  • 2016’s Summer Games: What Global Marketers Need to Know

    … on Olympic agreements. Ready for Rio Technological advancements continue to affect the global impact of events such as these, and as social media prepares to play it's most important role in an Olympics yet, all eyes are Rio. Although the 2016 games feature the strictest sponsorship rules to date, there are still a large number of opportunities…

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  • Logo Redesigns: Taking a Deeper Look at Company Rebranding

    …, they created a black and white version of the logo so that it can be readapted and customized to match the coloring of each individual team within the league itself. Therefore each team can rebrand the logo to match THEIR specific branding. This design was done with a 360 degree approach, with careful consideration of who and what the new logo would impact…

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  • Online Marketing vs. Offline Advertising: Where to Invest

    … clarify that when we discuss print advertising, we are strictly talking about magazines and billboards. For digital marketing we are referring to search engine ads, social media, and email marketing. For our research, we are looking at the cost of an impression, instead of a click or an actual lead, and what that cost looks like in both print…

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  • The Role of A Digital Agency While Growing Your Business

    … with a robust marketing department, or existing branding and creative efforts through an ad agency, it’s hard to imagine where a digital agency might fit in. While incorporating an agency into your practices may be an option you have already considered, it can be a difficult decision for a large business with an existing marketing process to casually…

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  • 12 Visual Content Marketing Ideas that Get Shared Like Mad

    … The days of only using textual content marketing to build your brand, attract, inspire, engage and empower your audience and customers are long gone. If you are only using textual marketing you are already falling behind. In case you haven’t noticed, the world is turning visual. As humans we are bombarded by marketing and media everywhere we…

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