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  • Why 3D modelling is perfect for your next video

    … removes barriers We experience the world in 3D. If a picture paints a thousand words, that’s amplified hundreds of times over when you can see an object from all angles. Our brains are designed to understand the things we see very quickly. If you include a 3D animation in your product or corporate video, it means you can remove a lot…

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  • Should I use a white screen in my corporate video?

    … When you’re planning a corporate video production there are myriad questions you need to answer: Everything from what’s possible on your budget through to when and where to physically film it. In many instances, in so many ways, using a white screen studio is a great way to keep things simple, efficient and cost effective — while not having…

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  • How to create video that works for social media

    …-term, strategic view of video content production 4. Define what success looks like at the start Let’s be realistic, out of the 72 hours of video footage that are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds, almost none of that will go viral. If that is your end goal you might as well pack up and go home, and I would tread carefully around anyone who says…

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  • 5 Reasons Every Startup Needs a Corporate Video

    … Video is thriving. Fuelled by the rise of mobile search, online video has become a key means for people to satisfy both their information and entertainment needs. Video is widely expected to outpace written content in the near future. It will account for an estimated 70% of all consumer internet traffic by 2017. The importance of corporate…

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  • 4 ways to convince budget holders to invest in video

    … tips to make a video production on a tight budget Here’s the one big reason so many corporate videos fail How to make your video stand out from the crowd Using video to keep your internal communication open The post 4 ways to convince budget holders to invest in video appeared first on Lush Digital. …

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  • How to avoid 4 common corporate video lighting mistakes

    … Lighting, especially in corporate films, is a part of the filmmaking process that, if skipped, really stands out. Badly lit interviews can cause the viewer to completely switch off from the conversation they are watching because subconsciously their brain is trying to right the wrong they are viewing. Done well, lighting can really add mood…

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  • How to Smash the Corporate Barriers That Kill Video Marketing Success

    … It's rare that a marketing department or agency doesn't encounter some kind of resistance to their video marketing efforts, but when that resistance is coming from high up in the corporate management chain, you will need all the tactics at your disposal to change opinions. Learning how to avoid the cultural pitfalls that are holding you, your…

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  • 5 Ways Vimeo Beats YouTube for Video Marketing [Creator's Tip #145]

    Sometimes video marketers assume YouTube is the best site for all their video marketing efforts, but that's not necessarily true. Vimeo provides a lot of solid options that are not available on YouTube, making it a better choice depending on what's important to you and what your goals are for your video campaigns. If you want a little "YouTube vs.

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