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  • How BoomTown Completed Its MarTech Stack With Call Intelligence

    …, technology is available to add insight into these calls, so marketers can make the same smart, data-driven decisions about calls that they make for digital channels. At BoomTown, we’ve invested heavily in call intelligence technology. We are a sales and marketing software company that helps real estate companies close more deals. Given our…

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  • 4 Mistakes Marketers Make With Mobile Facebook Ads

    … It’s no secret that digital advertising has gone mobile. Smartphones and mobile devices are now the primary vehicles shoppers use to research purchases, access social media and consume digital content. And marketers have taken notice: According to eMarketer, mobile will account for more than 62 percent of digital ad spending in 2016. Nowhere…

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  • Lead Generation: 2016 Facebook Advertising Preview [Free Report]

    … of millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend and resulting leads. What’s inside the report: Discover important lead generation advertising trends, and the answers to these critical questions: When is competition for leads traditionally lowest? Are certain days of the week more cost-effective than others? When do conversion rates tend to peak? How have…

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  • 5 Things You Need to Know About Content Targeting

    It used to be that digital content was anyone’s game. You wrote or filmed or drew something, pressed publish, and let the Internet decide whether it was worthwhile. If your content was good, it rose to the top—the classic oil and water analogy. Now, the space is more than just crowded—it’s suffocating.

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  • What Is The Cost Of Online Leads?

    … as many leads as possible coming from that webinar (live or recorded) to drive the average cost per lead for that call-to-action down. In the range of call-to-action costs, white papers and e-books are quite cost effective as they typically only require in-house effort, while calls-to-action such as an analyst report reproduction or webinar with a guest…

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  • The Playbook for B2B Online Marketing

    … This is a fantastic infographic on the strategies deployed by just about every successful business-to-business online strategy. As we work with our customers, this is fairly close to the overall look and feel of our engagements. Simply doing B2B online marketing is not going to maximize success and your website isn’t going to just magically…

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  • CPA Marketing Dictionary

    … of the revenue generated on the advertiser’s site which was referred by a publisher. Cost Per Sale (CPS) The amount or percentage paid per each sale. Pay Per Click (PPC) The amount or percentage paid for each click that is made on a link, banner or product on an publisher’s website. Many people use search engine payperclick, such as Google Adwords…

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