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    • BitterStrawberry Rolls out new branding!

      BitterStrawberry new website Hi there, hustlers! We are proud to announce we’re rolling out our new branding! BitterStrawberry said goodbye to an era and took it to the next level with a new voice embracing the tech revolution, a sleek, modern logo that will make sparks fly in your eyes and a zingy new site with a premium design that will guarantee to increase your wallet performance! Bitt.

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  • Learn how to monetize Facebook traffic

    … In this day and age everyone that has any sort of business or wants to try to make money with affiliate marketing knows that social media is very important. There are plenty of ways to help your business with social media, but one that’s been heavily discussed and is the most well-known and with the most potential is Facebook. Even before…

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  • Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party: Autumn Edition

    Leadbit Affiliate Network and Stack That Money Forum hosted Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party, a sucessful event this spring, which eventually became the first worldwide affiliate conference in Russia. They are now back in Russia with the autumn edition! I am gutted due to my busy schedule I won’t be able to attend the event, as I already had a few plans which I can not change.

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  • How to make money with Cash On Delivery CPA Offers!

    … to make them pay using a credit card, especially in CPA Marketing pay per sale offers. It’s always hard to persuade people to use their credit card for the payment and make a purchase, many conversions are lost just because of this, as you will find the internet is full of complaints about credit card fraud. Cash on Delivery is a perfect solution…

    KJ Rockerin Affiliate Paid Search How To's- 12 readers -
  • Why Cloaking is not Good for a Long Term Affiliate Business

    … like “”. If I promote this offer directly on Google adwords/Facebook ads, my campaign will never be approved by the traffic networks, as it violates their advertising guidelines. In order to promote my offer on these networks I would have to use cloaking, which simply means I will redirect Google/Facebook reviewers to a reputable…

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  • Interview: Tatiana Alshevskaya, Account Manager at Mobidea Network

    …, and super tasty food. How long have you been working in this industry, and how did you get involved? Upon graduating from university, I worked in an ad agency in Belarus for 3 years. After moving to Portugal, I started working in the digital marketing industry. It’s been two years, and I really enjoy how fast-moving this industry is! At Mobidea, I work…

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  • LeadImpact is Dead, Now what ?

    … members to arrive at Dubai Airport, I thought its the perfect time to share my thoughts about closure of the LeadImpact. Waiting at Dubai Airport One sentence I always love to use is that ” The Affiliate Marketing industry keeps evolving and moving forward”. We Living in a age and specially working in an industry where everyday there is a new…

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  • Give away – 3 Affiliate World Europe tickets! THE BIGGEST EVENT OF 2017

    … Hey guys , Here is a giveaway for you , Affiliate World Conference’s one of the biggest affiliate marketing event company Affiliate World Conferences is hosting one of the biggest events in affiliate marketing industry , This event is being hosted by people behind Stack That Forum, One of the biggest affiliate forums in the affiliate industry…

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  • Moscow Affiliate Conference by Leadbit

    …/. The conference is being held on 30th of March and due to my marriage in early April I had to pass this opportunity. The conference itself is dedicated to CPA marketing and will gather the TOP affiliates all over the world who are working with the international traffic. The best thing about the conference is that they are offering free entry for everyone…

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  • Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017 [Infographic]

    … Posted on 28 December 2016. Tags: B2B Marketing, borenstein group, Digital Branding, digital marketing, it marketing. high tech marketing, marketing infographic, top digital branding trends for 2017, top digital marketing trends for 2017, top washington dc marketing agencies, top washington dc strategic communications agencies, washington dc top…

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  • What to do when your campaign is not profitable!

    Hey Guys ! Its been a long time since I posted something on this blog due to health issues and other time management issues and a busy schedule.. I took a long break from writing something, so today I thought I would write write a quick post about one of the most commonly asked questions about making campaigns profitable.

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  • Holiday Marketing Tips To Make This Season A Winner [Infographic]

    … Posted on 15 November 2016. Tags: Christmas Marketing, Holiday marketing, Holiday trends, New year's Marketing Yup! It’s that time of year again. All of the scary costumes and candies are gone (well they are at my house!), and are being replaced with fake snow and Santas. That means it’s time to unleash those holiday marketing plans that you…

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  • Advanced Landing Page Optimization [Infographic]

    … Posted on 01 November 2016. It’s simple to say that to increase conversion via landing pages you need to “split test” and “target the right audience” to find success. However, we all know that it’s not as easy as it sounds. There are many moving parts and pieces that go into creating successful landing pages and ad campaigns, especially if you…

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