• Selling Online: Detecting Your Prospect’s Buying Triggers

    … this occurrence. These are Loiterers, not even really prospects at this stage. They are people who are just coming to kind of hang out, and so we start off growing customers with that phase. How to Interact With a Loiterer: “Learn More” The very first call-to-action in any marketing strategy to even the most unqualified prospect is learn more. This basic…

    Marketing Technology Blog- 31 readers -
  • Where do Visitors Click on a Blog?

    … the built-in search form (we tested both WordPress search and Google’s custom search) and replace it with Algolia, a search as a service solution that provides both image previews and autosuggestions. You’ll see below that the move was a winner – producing a lot more engagement, increasing our pageviews per visit, and reducing our bounce rates…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 14 readers -
  • Ultimate List of Must-Have Tools for Your SEO Toolkit

    …: Beginner CrazyEgg Analytics is great for letting us know what pages visitors went to, but CrazyEgg takes it one step further and tells you where specifically on a page a user clicks. This tool provides invaluable information for improving page layouts and even buttons and images. It can also tell you where people are trying to click in the event…

    Dave Davies/ The SEM Postin SEO- 22 readers -
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