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  • 200: What I’ve Learned About Podcasting in My First 200 Episodes

    Lessons Learned in 200 Episodes of Podcasting Today’s episode is #200, and while it’s a podcast about blogging, today I want to talk about podcasting and share some of the big lessons I’ve learned about this medium since starting this podcast 2 years ago. I want to present with you my biggest lessons in podcasting, some tips on launching, recording, producing and promoting a podcast.

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  • How to Take a Break from Your Blog

    … of each option (so you may wish to skip to there) and then I finish up with some Q&A. To summarise my 7 teaching tips: Take a complete break – (it gives your readers a break too). Work harder before you take a break and schedule your content and social. Run a ‘best of’ retrospective series where you highlight content in your archives. Use…

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  • How to Avoid Writing Boring Outlines using the IKEA Method

    …. They’re already grouped together, so that gives you your subhead for that section. Start editing those loose, stream of consciousness thoughts into coherent sentences. Move them around into logical paragraphs. Turn that subhead into something descriptive, so scanners can easily skim your post. Make sure it signposts your content. Imagine we’re…

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  • How to Save 4 Hours on Every Piece of Content You Create

    … expertise to manage any request, no matter how specific. All of these contributors have already been reviewed before they’re added to your team. Our talent team puts these freelancers through four rounds of rigorous vetting. We read their work, consider their publication titles, put them through a training course, and run their published work through…

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  • 191: Tools for Creating Great Visual Content for Your Blog

    …Making the Most of Tools, Apps and Services to Create Visual Content for Your Blog In today’s lesson, we’re going to talk tools for creating great visual content for your blog. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been exploring different types of content that you can use on your blog. In episode 187 we talked written content, in 189 video content…

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  • 189: How to Create Amazing Videos for Your Blog Using Your Smartphone

    … and wellness space. From that, I’ve started a company with my brother Mike called Primal Video. We really just help people get better results with their videos faster. Essentially, removing all the barriers that we have and that we create to creating video content. That’s what we’re up to these days. Darren: That’s a great introduction to what I really want…

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  • 187: Is Written Content Dead?

    … over on the show notes or on the Facebook group. I do want to say I’m not arguing that it should be the only medium. I’m not arguing that written content is the best medium even, that everyone should be creating it even. I just want to emphasize that I don’t think it’s going away. I see a lot of hype about how video is going to be the only thing…

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  • 186: A Step-By-Step Guide to How I Write a Blog Post

    … to start a blog, to grow that blog’s audience, to create some really useful content for that audience and to make some money from your blog. Today, I want to walk you through my step by step process for writing a blog post. I get asked quite regularly over in the ProBlogger podcast listeners group on Facebook about my writing process. Whilst I’ve…

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  • PB179: How to Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

    … in the sidebar. The title above it says “I need help with…,” and then underneath that there’s eight things. Basically, what each of those icons links to is what we call one of our portals. You’ll see there’s a portal for how to start a blog. You’ll see there’s a portal for creating great content. You’ll find a portal for finding readers for your blog. We…

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  • PB178: How to Get Products to Review on Your Blog

    … and he would find people who owned these cars. He would take his camera out and interview them in person. In essence, what he was doing there was creating content that was that person’s opinion of the car that they bought. They were usually very positive opinions because people had invested significantly to get these cars, but it was really…

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  • PB176: Scannable Content: 19 Techniques to Create it

    …Techniques to Create Scannable Content for Your Blog In today’s lesson, I want to share a simple way to write content that is much more likely to be actually read, understood and acted upon by your readers. We’re going to talk about techniques for creating more scannable content for your blog. As bloggers, we put a lot of time into carefully…

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  • PB174: An Alternate New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Blogging for 2017

    …An Alternate Resolution to Transform Your Blogging in 2017 In today’s lesson I want to talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals and want to suggest setting a goal that I think will help to set your blogging up for a great year of blogging. In fact – I’m really excited about this episode because it’s an alternative way of thinking about New…

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  • PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically

    …Using Quotes in Your Blog Legally and Ethically In today’s lesson, I want to talk about using quotes on your blog. I’m regularly asked – particularly by new bloggers – what the etiquette and legalities are around using content that others have written in your own content – or the practice of quoting others. It’s a good question because quoting…

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