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    • 189: How to Create Amazing Videos for Your Blog Using Your Smartphone

      Removing the Barriers to Create Video Content on Your Blog In today’s lesson, I’ve got some very practical and actionable information for you on how to shoot great video for your blog using your smartphone. As I’ve mentioned a few times lately – video is becoming one of the hottest types of content online.

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    • 187: Is Written Content Dead?

      What the Future Looks Like for Written Content In today’s lesson, I want to talk to you about written content vs other mediums and respond to a few questions I’ve been getting lately about which medium is best to focus upon and to answer the question – is the future of written content dead! Events: Before I get into today’s show though I’ve been hinting for a few episodes now that I’ll have so.

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  • 186: A Step-By-Step Guide to How I Write a Blog Post

    How I Write a Blog Post – My Step-By-Step Process Today, I want to walk you through my step by step process for writing a blog post! I get asked about this regularly over in the ProBlogger podcast listeners Facebook group today put together some notes on the workflow I use and want to run you through it.

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  • PB179: How to Lower the Bounce Rate on Your Blog

    … in the sidebar. The title above it says “I need help with…,” and then underneath that there’s eight things. Basically, what each of those icons links to is what we call one of our portals. You’ll see there’s a portal for how to start a blog. You’ll see there’s a portal for creating great content. You’ll find a portal for finding readers for your blog. We…

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  • PB178: How to Get Products to Review on Your Blog

    … and he would find people who owned these cars. He would take his camera out and interview them in person. In essence, what he was doing there was creating content that was that person’s opinion of the car that they bought. They were usually very positive opinions because people had invested significantly to get these cars, but it was really…

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  • PB176: Scannable Content: 19 Techniques to Create it

    …Techniques to Create Scannable Content for Your Blog In today’s lesson, I want to share a simple way to write content that is much more likely to be actually read, understood and acted upon by your readers. We’re going to talk about techniques for creating more scannable content for your blog. As bloggers, we put a lot of time into carefully…

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  • PB174: An Alternate New Year’s Resolution That Will Transform Your Blogging for 2017

    …An Alternate Resolution to Transform Your Blogging in 2017 In today’s lesson I want to talk about New Year’s Resolutions and Goals and want to suggest setting a goal that I think will help to set your blogging up for a great year of blogging. In fact – I’m really excited about this episode because it’s an alternative way of thinking about New…

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  • PB173: How to Use Quotes in Your Blog Content Legally and Ethically

    …Using Quotes in Your Blog Legally and Ethically In today’s lesson, I want to talk about using quotes on your blog. I’m regularly asked – particularly by new bloggers – what the etiquette and legalities are around using content that others have written in your own content – or the practice of quoting others. It’s a good question because quoting…

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  • PB169: Single Author Blog to Multi Author Blog – How to Make the Transition

    … of brainstormed these 200 topics. I knew that I had enough in me to write that blog and just really focused on creating that content in stage 1. Stage 2 really came as a result of doing the hard work in stage 1. Stage 1 was building the foundations. The first couple of years in my blog, I did all the writing. I did all the marketing. I did all the social…

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  • PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts

    …, just searching for ProBlogger. In today’s lesson, I want to talk about something that I think is really important for bloggers, and that’s something that I know some of us attend to avoid. That is editing our blog posts. Let us talk about the importance of writing great blog posts and creating great content which is definitely important but it’s…

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  • PB160: Challenge: How to Write an Opinion Post on Your Blog

    … into much more detail than that. A few last tips before you get into writing your piece of content or creating your piece of content if you want to do something that’s not written, that’s totally fine too. Firstly, include in your posts some reference to other people’s opinions. I actually really appreciate when someone is sharing their opinion…

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  • PB155: 5 Tips from Full Time Bloggers

    … readers.” “Blogging is never about one post, it’s your body of work that you’ll be known for,” said someone else. “Keep going, keep talking, keep taking consistent action no matter how small. You’ll be amazed in a year when you look back at how far you’ve come.” Someone else said, “Be consistent with the content you deliver. Be genuine in what you…

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  • PB152: Challenge – Embedded Content

    …, and then you go to the ProBlogger Challenge Group and then you share your piece of content. That way, you’re not only creating a good piece of content but you are hopefully getting a few visitors to it as well. We really do encourage you to visit what other people in that group are producing, comment, like, share if it’s relevant to your audience…

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  • PB149: Series of Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts – Which is Better?

    …? Enjoy this podcast? Sign up to our ProBloggerPLUS newsletter to get notified of all new tutorials and podcasts below. Click Here to Subscribe to ProBloggerPLUS for Free The post PB149: Series of Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts – Which is Better? appeared first on ProBlogger Podcast. Related Stories PB146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy PB145: Is Your Obsession With Creating New Content Hurting Your Blog? PB144: Challenge: Create a Link Post …

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  • PB146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy

    … in the lead up to selling something to your audience. Obviously, the more you know about your audience the better when it comes to blogging, creating blog content, engaging with them but also selling to them as well. You want to be listening to your audience even before you start creating products as well because what you hear from your audience…

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