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    • PB168: 7 Steps to Editing Your Blog Posts

      Edit Your Blog Posts With Seven Simple Steps A lot is taught about the importance of writing great blog posts, but it is in the editing of your writing that your post can really be made to shine. If left unedited, it can create a very different impression that can hurt people’s view of you and your blog. In today’s episode, I want to share with you a simple 7 step process to editing your posts.

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  • PB160: Challenge: How to Write an Opinion Post on Your Blog

    … into much more detail than that. A few last tips before you get into writing your piece of content or creating your piece of content if you want to do something that’s not written, that’s totally fine too. Firstly, include in your posts some reference to other people’s opinions. I actually really appreciate when someone is sharing their opinion…

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  • PB155: 5 Tips from Full Time Bloggers

    … readers.” “Blogging is never about one post, it’s your body of work that you’ll be known for,” said someone else. “Keep going, keep talking, keep taking consistent action no matter how small. You’ll be amazed in a year when you look back at how far you’ve come.” Someone else said, “Be consistent with the content you deliver. Be genuine in what you…

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  • PB152: Challenge – Embedded Content

    …, and then you go to the ProBlogger Challenge Group and then you share your piece of content. That way, you’re not only creating a good piece of content but you are hopefully getting a few visitors to it as well. We really do encourage you to visit what other people in that group are producing, comment, like, share if it’s relevant to your audience…

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  • PB149: Series of Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts – Which is Better?

    …? Enjoy this podcast? Sign up to our ProBloggerPLUS newsletter to get notified of all new tutorials and podcasts below. Click Here to Subscribe to ProBloggerPLUS for Free The post PB149: Series of Blog Posts vs Long Blog Posts – Which is Better? appeared first on ProBlogger Podcast. Related Stories PB146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy PB145: Is Your Obsession With Creating New Content Hurting Your Blog? PB144: Challenge: Create a Link Post …

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  • PB146: How to Write Effective Sales Copy

    … in the lead up to selling something to your audience. Obviously, the more you know about your audience the better when it comes to blogging, creating blog content, engaging with them but also selling to them as well. You want to be listening to your audience even before you start creating products as well because what you hear from your audience…

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  • PB145: Is Your Obsession With Creating New Content Hurting Your Blog?

    …Is Your Blog Being Hurt by Your Obsession to Create New Content? Today, I want to talk about an obsession that many bloggers have – an obsession with creating NEW content and want to suggest that we all take a little step back from spending quite so much time on that task and pay attention to something that might have a better payoff for us. I’m…

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  • PB140: Challenge: Create a Review Post

    … Challenge: Create a Review Post This is the 3rd challenge in ProBlogger’s 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back Challenge that we kicked off a couple of episodes ago. To recap – every day for the next week I’m going to suggest a particular style of blog post for you to create. My challenge is to create and publish that content – to join…

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  • PB137: Challenge – 7 Days to Getting Your Blogging Groove Back

    … is for you because this episode starts a week long daily series that is all about getting back into the groove of creating great regular content for your blog. Whether you’re feeling disillusioned, uninspired, uncreative or just a little bored with your blog – over the next week I want to invite you to tune into this podcast for a series of short daily…

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