Creative Process

  • How To Derail Content Creation Without Even Trying

    … estimation, increase it by 25 percent to cover any incidents or revisions that will inevitably occur. Not Setting Up Regular Milestones & Meetings I listed these first two derailments next to each other for a reason: setting adequate time for a project is the first half of the equation, while setting up milestones and meetings within that timeframe…

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  • Bring the Team With You to the 2014 Reel Video Marketing Summit

    … Yesterday, I talked with Mark Robertson, the Founder and Publisher of ReelSEO. I updated him about some of the new research and case studies that I plan to cover in the "Become an Expert in YouTube TrueView Advertising" workshop, which will be held in two weeks at the Reel Video Summit. And he told me some additional details about what…

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  • Data-driven Creativity Produces Most Successful Video Ad Campaigns

    … to. Just as no two customers are alike, no two ads should be either. It's a rare ad that can appeal to people across demographics, geographic areas and interests, and it's not a wise move to rely on your company being one of the few that can create such a masterpiece. Instead, integrate data into your creative process to ensure that your video ads are as appealing and effective to each individual customer as possible. When creativity and data work together, the results can be revolutionary. …

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