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  • How Can Online Advertisers Test Creative In Their Facebook Ads?

    … budget. How should you set up a creative test? There are four things to consider before you begin: Choose a performance metric that you’ll use to judge ad performance, like CPA or CTR. Also determine what your threshold for success will be. For example, you could consider a successful ad to be anything with a CTR above 0.050. Determine which…

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  • Best Practices For Direct Response Video Advertisers

    … As advertising has shifted from print to television to digital, one thing hasn’t changed at all: The importance of creating great content that will engage potential customers. For social media marketers, creative selection is influenced by granular audience segmentation and “shareability,” as well as traditional concerns like target audience…

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  • The 5 Most Frequently Searched Queries in Nanigans Software Help Center

    …% means any ad with a yield lower than 150% will be paused. In addition, Nanigans won’t just pause an ad for which it’s only acquired a handful of clicks. Rather, you indicate your data significance requirements in the software before an ad gets paused. 5. Creative Testing The ability to multivariate test in an automated fashion is a necessity…

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  • The ABCs of Efficient Campaign Budgeting: Part One

    … ad spend until tomorrow. Where did it all go wrong? What do you do to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Sadly, this is a not-uncommon occurrence in the world of online marketing, mostly because people forget that old saying of “everything in moderation.” The average campaign manager is far more concerned about underspending as opposed…

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