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    • Small Business Marketing: Don’t Tell Me I’m Creative, Tell Me I’m Relevant

      Regardless of the nature of your business, your product or your service, it’s understandable that you would want to put your best foot forward when telling potential customers about what you do. This is something you should always be thinking about—how to put your story in the best light possible. Over the course of my career, however, I’ve met a person or two who interpreted t ...

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  • Ride the Iceberg: Using Hemingway’s Iceberg Theory for Content Marketing

    Published 2 hours ago 47 According to legend, Ernest Hemingway once made a $10 bet with several writers that he could write a whole story in six words. He wrote “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn.” on a napkin, passed it around, and collected his winnings. Whether or not the legend is true, the emotion of the story is still powerful, and everyone can imagine the sadnes ...

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  • Show, Don’t Tell: How Content Marketers Can Learn From Fiction Writers

    … Published 2 days ago 225 Anyone who has ever taken any type of fiction or creative writing class has heard the rule “Show, don’t tell.” Every writing teacher, guide to the craft, and writing blog has repeated the rule, and every professional writer has been admonished at some point to revise their writing to do more showing, less telling…

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  • The Keys To Writing Compelling, Creative Content

    … your creativity in your content compels them. These may be stuck in a rut, and I want to help you get it out. The Creative Gene We all have the creative gene that resides inside of us. Sometimes your content displays itself differently to the public, a way in which you cannot see, which reminds me of a story about my first car: It was an old…

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  • 5 Places To Find Content Inspiration In A Dreary Office

    … aggressive notes about the dirty dishes in the sink... you get the idea. Read everything. Then consider how each item could inspire better writing: Persuasion: Imagine that you could post a notice about any meeting. What do you really wish your colleagues would get together once a week and talk about? Write the "headline" of your notice…

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    Honoré de Balzac is said to have consumed the equivalent of fifty cups of coffee a day at his peak. He did not drink coffee, though—he pulverized coffee beans into a fine dust and ingested the dry ...