• How to kickstart your creativity in 2017

      It’s the end of the year and if you’re like me, you’re ready for a break. I find it difficult to be creative when I’m tired, and lately it’s been hard to find the inspiration to get words on paper. I’ve asked my colleagues at Lush what they do when faced with a creativity block and discovered a lot of useful tips.

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    • Your 2017 Content Excellence Challenge: The January Prompts

      In case you missed our “warmup” last month, this is the official kickoff for our 2017 Content Excellence Challenge. January resolutions are fine, but we’re more interested in helping you make consistent, ongoing improvement. Every month, we’ll give you a pair of prompts that we can all work on together as a community.

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  • Getting Ready for a Powerhouse 2017

    … Am I jumping the gun a little bit? 2016 is still right here, after all. Staring me in the face. Let’s just call it getting a head start. On Monday, I launched a new series for the blog and the podcast … which I’m calling the 2017 Content Excellence Challenge. It works like this: Every month, we get two prompts. One is creative (about becoming…

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  • Start Your Engines: The 2017 Content Excellence Challenge Begins Now

    … this week with some easy and interesting warm-up work, before we head into the Tilt-A-Whirl of the winter holidays. Then in 2017, each month we’ll have a pair of “prompts” to work on … tactical, workable things we can do to make our content better. One prompt will give you a creative technique to work on. (Today you also get a bonus creativity…

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  • How to Stay Creative in a Distracted World

    … On this week’s episode, we’re joined by Megan Gray, a passionate — probably one of the most passionate — freelance graphic designers I know. She lives on the edge of a canyon in Orange County, California, where she runs her business, House of Grays. In this 34-minute episode Brian Gardner, Lauren Mancke, and Megan Gray discuss: Starting…

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  • 8 infographics that will inspire you to create your own

    … Infographics are incredibly effective tool in visual storytelling, but they are often overlooked in content marketing strategies. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore them any longer. Not only are they a great way to condense complex information but they also make statistics pop off the page, they are memorable and engaging for the reader…

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  • How to Write 16 Knockout Articles When You Only Have One Wimpy Idea

    Serious content creators know that each article they publish is a piece of a larger content marketing arena. But the thought of generating content ideas on a regular basis often knocks us out before the opening bell even rings. It can be difficult to consistently write exceptional content that encourages visitors to stick around and learn about your unique selling proposition.

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  • Creative Destruction

    … This article was originally published on Robert Glazer’s personal blog The term “creative destruction” has economic roots, but I have come to perceive it as an important philosophy in life and business. It implies that, to create something new, we must destroy or give up on something old. Netflix is one of the rare companies…

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  • Guaranteed ways to unleash your inner creative beast

    … or logical person rather than creative. However, we use a rich combination of all of these skills; sometimes a little more of one, sometimes a little less of the other, depending on the situation. Ken Robinson, author of The Element and the guy who gave one of the most popular TED talks of all time, Do schools kill creativity? said imagination has…

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  • Why You Hate Writing

    … those roman numerals and endless lower-case alphabetical hierarchies, you’re thinking outlining is a chore. Don’t do it. A simple list of core ideas is more than enough for most of your writing process. The goal here is to give yourself a simple map, so that your mind is free to roam within it. Constraint is a secret of creativity. 3. You’re…

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  • 21 Juicy Prompts that Inspire Fascinating Content

    … Creativity is a fickle mistress. Especially when creating content. Sometimes, the words flow as fast as the coffee. Other times, well, not so much. It’s easy to create boring content. (Many people do it quite effortlessly.) But if you don’t have a distinctive point of view, you’re just reporting. Feel stuck when it’s time to crank out…

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