Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
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    • Sales and Marketing Acronyms

      It seems every week, I’m seeing or learning another acronym. Well, time to share them all in one nice post thanks to the team at Blueadz, who made this amazing infographic, 60 Marketing & Sales Acronyms Everyone Needs to Know. Sales Acronyms ABC: Always Be Closing This is the first of the sales acronyms you should learn as a young sales rep! It’s pretty much the way it works.

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  • In 2018, Data Will Fuel the Emerging Insights Economy

    … The prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) changing everything generated considerable buzz in marketing circles in 2017, and that will continue in 2018 and the years ahead. Innovations like Salesforce Einstein, the first comprehensive AI for CRM, will give sales professionals unprecedented insights into customer needs, help support agents…

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  • Gong: Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales Teams

    … Gong’s conversation analytics engine analyzes sales calls at the individual and aggregate level to help you understand what’s working (and what’s not). Gong starts with a simple calendar integration where it scans each sales reps’ calendar looking for upcoming sales meetings, calls, or demos to record. Gong then joins each scheduled sales call…

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  • OneLocal: A Suite of Marketing Tools for Local Businesses

    … OneLocal is a suite of marketing tools designed for local businesses to get more customer walk-ins, referrals, and – ultimately – to grow revenue. The platform is focused on any type of regional service company, spanning the automotive, health, wellness, home services, insurance, real estate, salon, spa, or retail industries. OneLocal provides…

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  • How to Set Up Your Shiny New CRM in 3 Quick Steps

    … For the local business owners who choose to automate their marketing or communications, many start with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. That’s because keeping in touch with customers is how you extend great customer service, win loyalty, and encourage repeat business. Last year, overall CRM usage jumped from 56% to 75%. For local businesses [...] Read More... The post How to Set Up Your Shiny New CRM in 3 Quick Steps appeared first on Thryv. …

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  • 7 Best CRMs for Small Business Owners

    … A Customer Relationship Management System or CRM is the backbone of a successful business. CRMs are used to help keep companies organized. It makes it easy for you track prospects and stay on top of what’s going on with your current customers which ultimately improves efficiency and increases revenue. Most business owner agree that having…

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  • Workflows: Best Practices for Automating Today’s Marketing Department

    … In the age of content marketing, PPC campaigns and mobile apps, antiquated tools like pen and paper have no place in today’s dynamic marketing landscape. However, time and time again, marketers return to outdated tools for their vital processes, leaving campaigns vulnerable to error and miscommunication. Implementing automated workflows is one…

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  • 9 Surprising Ways a CRM Can Help Your Small Business

    … Hang on to your seats, folks, and take in these startling statistics on customer loyalty, pulled together by our friends at Access. 78% of consumers report they are retracting loyalty at a faster pace than three years ago. 75% of businesses believe they are customer-centric, and just 30% of consumers agree. 43% of U.S. consumers spend more [...] Read More... The post 9 Surprising Ways a CRM Can Help Your Small Business appeared first on Dex Media. …

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