Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
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  • OneLocal: A Suite of Marketing Tools for Local Businesses

    … OneLocal is a suite of marketing tools designed for local businesses to get more customer walk-ins, referrals, and – ultimately – to grow revenue. The platform is focused on any type of regional service company, spanning the automotive, health, wellness, home services, insurance, real estate, salon, spa, or retail industries. OneLocal provides…

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  • How to Set Up Your Shiny New CRM in 3 Quick Steps

    … For the local business owners who choose to automate their marketing or communications, many start with a customer relationship management (CRM) system. That’s because keeping in touch with customers is how you extend great customer service, win loyalty, and encourage repeat business. Last year, overall CRM usage jumped from 56% to 75%. For local businesses [...] Read More... The post How to Set Up Your Shiny New CRM in 3 Quick Steps appeared first on Thryv. …

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  • 7 Best CRMs for Small Business Owners

    … traditional marketing. So, if your goal is to eventually incorporate more inbound marketing as your company grows, HubSpot is a viable option. Price: Free Users that want to utilize more of HubSpot has to offer will move to their Marketing Software or Sales Software. Marketing Software prices are $200 – $2400/month with onboarding cost from $600…

    Apex Virtual Solutions- 12 readers -
  • Workflows: Best Practices for Automating Today’s Marketing Department

    … the technology but from simple fear of the unknown, can derail adoption before it even begins. The more marketing leaders educate their teams about the value of automation, the easier it will be to alleviate the stress of change.At the start of the education process, automation needs to be positioned as a tool that eliminates the undesirable elements…

    Marketing Technology Blog- 19 readers -
  • 9 Surprising Ways a CRM Can Help Your Small Business

    … Hang on to your seats, folks, and take in these startling statistics on customer loyalty, pulled together by our friends at Access. 78% of consumers report they are retracting loyalty at a faster pace than three years ago. 75% of businesses believe they are customer-centric, and just 30% of consumers agree. 43% of U.S. consumers spend more [...] Read More... The post 9 Surprising Ways a CRM Can Help Your Small Business appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • FAQ: Do I scrub my contact list frequently enough?

    … Let’s take a quick survey. Raise your hand if any of the following are true about your contact list… There are contacts in there that I’ve never made contact with. There are contacts in there I’ve ignored for months or even years. I’m not sure where some of the contacts came from in the first [...] Read More... The post FAQ: Do I scrub my…

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  • Are you making these 6 common mistakes when building your contact list?

    … Hopefully you use your contact list to communicate regularly with customers and potential clients. You do…have a contact list…right? We sure hope so. But if not, you’re not alone. Local business owners everywhere battle the necessary evils of managing customer (and potential customer) information so you can keep in touch and sell more stuff…

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  • INFOGRAPHIC: The Composition of a Loyal Customer in 2017

    … “Nooooorm!” If you ever watched the show Cheers, everybody knew his name. That’s because Norm’s character frequented the same bar every night with unwavering dedication and loyalty. (Fun fact: He appeared in every single episode of the sitcom.) But Norm was more than a regular beer drinker; he represented the ideal type of customer for [...] Read…

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  • Build Your Contact List on the Down Low

    … Hopefully you have one or two ways you keep in touch with current customers – text messages if you’re a pro, or maybe email if you’re like most local business owners. So how do you get in touch with those who haven’t yet bought from you? Your contact list should be made up of way [...] Read More... The post Build Your Contact List on the Down…

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  • Why Marketing Automation is a Fit for the Small Biz Owner

    … For many small and mid-sized businesses, marketing automation may seem like something only larger companies can afford to take advantage of. You probably conjure up images of large teams running various email campaigns and working on multiple different software platforms to support a spectacular, out-of-this-world marketing program. Hold up…

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