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  • Webinar: Joining Offline Conversions to Online Clicks

    … Attribution is hard. And it gets even harder when your buying cycle includes online activity and offline sales or conversions. In this webinar, we use real-world examples to show how offline sales can be pushed back into Google Analytics, allowing you to value more accurately the role each marketing channel played in generating the sale…

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  • Building an attribution model with Google Analytics and BigQuery

    … Building an attribution model that identifies the sources of your most valuable website traffic is a challenge faced by many digital marketers. If you get it right, correctly assigning credit to the different journeys people take en route to your site allows you to identify the sources of your converting traffic, plan your marketing budget…

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  • Google Tag Manager - is it worth it?

    … Setting up web analytics correctly can be complex and time consuming. Get it right, and you can make confident decisions on how to spend your search budget in order to feed the most profitable part of your business. Get it wrong, and your spend will not be optimised to your market/audience, and might be completely wasted. […] The post Google Tag Manager - is it worth it? appeared first on Search Laboratory. …

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  • 10 Advanced Google Analytics Features For Power Users

    … Since Google bought Urchin in 2005 and rebranded it Google Analytics (GA) it has been transformed from a ‘great free tool’ for smaller websites into a class-leading enterprise solution. It is simple to install the basic setup by pasting a snippet of code on all pages, but this only scratches the surface of the features […] The post 10 Advanced Google Analytics Features For Power Users appeared first on Search Laboratory. …

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  • Applying AdWords Landing Page UX to SEO

    Landing page experience is a well-established factor in optimising Google AdWords (PPC) campaigns. It’s cited by Google as influencing keyword Quality Score, and affecting Ad Rank and advertising costs. ...

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  • The benefits of using a Tag Management System

    … Anyone new to digital marketing will likely come across ‘Google Tag Manager’ at some point. Google Tag Manager, or GTM for short, is an example of a ‘tag management system’ - a way to add JavaScript tracking code (i.e. marketing tags) to a website without having to amend the source code of the site. Examples […] The post The benefits of using…

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