Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling among or between clients, markets, traders, etc. or the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. This article deals exclusively with the latter meaning. In practice, businesses define cross-selling in many different ways. Elements that might influence the definition might include the size of the business, the industry sector it operates within and the financial motivations of those required to define the term.The objectives of cross-selling can be either to increase the income derived from the client or clients or to protect the relationship with the client or clients.
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  • 5 Unknown Tips To Hack Your Retargeting

    … segmentation. An example of unique segmentation in action Noah Kagan, former employee of Facebook and Mint and current CEO of AppSumo, has written extensively about his retargeting campaigns. While some of his retargeting ads are a softer sell (asking people to opt in to a leads list in exchange for a freebie), people who visit his product page…

    Johnathan Dane/ Unbouncein Social Retargeting- 20 readers -
  • Why You Don’t Get Replies from the Influencers You Contact – IMP#34

    … for this episode. Links & Resources Podcast episode with Dan Andrews: location independent lifestyle & more. Book: Influence by Robert Cialdini – great resource for many things, including outreach marketing. Book: Never Eat Alone by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz – all about networking and outreach. Neil Patel recommends finding…

    IM Impactin Affiliate- 21 readers -
  • Complementary Services for Link-Building

    … or Multiple Websites? During the time that one of my clients had separate labels for their airline and their hotel site, a lot of competitors linked to them. Websites offering just accommodations linked to the airline and ticket sites linked to the hotels, all relevant to the same destinations. Since they’ve combined those labels into a single name…

    Peter Van Der Graaf/ Search Engine Watchin SEO- 3 readers -
  • 6 Networking Platforms for Local Merchants

    … “unique business intelligence tools,” Powerlinx helps users connect with other businesses based on the whatever it is they’re hoping to achieve. Essentially, a business states its goals — for example, finding a new supplier — and Powerlinx uses an algorithm to find other firms within its database that match the search. Users can then refine those…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin Social Twitter- 5 readers -
  • Visual-Merchandising Secrets for Better Content Engagement

    … merchandising (i.e., displaying products to make them more appealing) can make or break brick-and-mortar retailers. Visual merchandising incorporates elements such as traffic flow, lighting, color, signage, product packaging, organization, and assortment. Good visual merchandising can have an outsized impact on sales – which is why retailers regularly…

    Content Marketing Institutein Content- 3 readers -
  • Five Ways to Boost Revenue Without Increasing Customer Count

    … you can use it: Encourage and reward long-term relationships with clients. Make buying from your company for the first time easy, or give something for free. Show clients that you are committed to helping them by offering great service. 3. Be smart about up-selling and cross-selling Up-selling and cross-selling are the easiest way to generate…

    MarketingProfs- 1 readers -
  • Post-Conversion CRO: Optimizing For Customer Retention

    … include these elements: Cross-Sell & Upsell Offers. Send customers an email promoting items that are similar to their previous purchases. If a customer has bought a digital camera, you can either recommend a storage device for a cross-sell, or up-sell them to a high-end model (e.g., the latest DSLR). Replenishment & Reorder Reminders…

    Tim Ash/ Marketing Landin Social EMail- 11 readers -
  • Do You Know the New Rules of Visual Commerce?

    … Visitors to on April 14 saw something they hadn't seen before. After the Amazon homepage loaded, a model in a spring dress strode across the screen. She turned and smiled directly at the viewer before gesturing at the "Spring Dresses" promo and walking off the page. That one moment changed the rules of online visual merchandising…

    MarketingProfs- 3 readers -
  • How News UK digs into data to build its subscriber base

    …. It’s cross-selling different products like Times Travel and Sun Bingo through its marketing channels based on user interests. There’s also constant process of A/B testing to improve conversion rates on its sites. News UK’s switch to digital subscriptions from a free website has given the business new marketing capabilities — those which news…

    Chris Smith/ Digidayin How To's- 1 readers -
  • Why Internal Storytelling Is Key to Your Company’s Content Strategy

    … every department, to buy in to the content strategy you’re building? Internal Storytelling Internal storytelling is all about how you market your brand to your internal team. Through communication, education and collaboration, you can encourage a culture of content marketing internally, to drive your business goals. It’s not as easy as it sounds…

    Anton Rius/ Relevancein Content- 9 readers -
  • Interview with Nikki Parker,

    … payment options are available? Is there an option for escrow? Currently it is 5% commission regardless of the total. We accept credit card, paypal, skrill, direct deposit and webmoney for listings Freemarket has a built in payment service that holds the funds while the buyer and seller transfer ownership to ensure the safety of both parties. What…

    Michael Kwan/ John Chow dot Comin Facebook- 7 readers -
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