Cross-selling is the action or practice of selling among or between clients, markets, traders, etc. or the action or practice of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. This article deals exclusively with the latter meaning. In practice, businesses define cross-selling in many different ways. Elements that might influence the definition might include the size of the business, the industry sector it operates within and the financial motivations of those required to define the term.The objectives of cross-selling can be either to increase the income derived from the client or clients or to protect the relationship with the client or clients.
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  • 5 Unknown Tips To Hack Your Retargeting

    … on Twitter later with something like this: Note that to be able to advertise on Facebook, you have need to use a platform that is certified by Facebook’s Ad Exchange network (FBX). AdRoll or Perfect Audience (now part of Marin) are both safe bets. Each social media network also has pretty specific creative guidelines that you should be aware…

    Johnathan Dane/ Unbouncein Social Retargeting- 45 readers -
  • Why You Don’t Get Replies from the Influencers You Contact – IMP#34

    …, cross-selling and many other promotional strategies. But how exactly can you contact an influencer who could help your business in such a way that you don’t just get ignored? Listen to today’s podcast episode to find out: Podcast Video Podcast Audio Click here to download the MP3 file…

    IM Impactin Affiliate- 32 readers -
  • Complementary Services for Link-Building

    … the combined link value (migration through 301-redirects to a single site) get him a single, very strong number one position? Or is having multiple top-20 positions better than just one number one? Will that traffic convert worse on a broader domain? Or will it convert better thanks to cross-selling and a stronger brand? Will current link partners remove…

    Peter Van Der Graaf/ Search Engine Watchin SEO- 3 readers -
  • 6 Networking Platforms for Local Merchants

    … and social media followers. (For example: Two business owners might agree to promote each other’s stores to their Facebook and Twitter followers.) Users can message other business owners in their own communities for general advice or with specific cross-selling opportunities. They can also use Alignable to raise general awareness about other local…

    Stephanie Miles/ Street Fightin Social Twitter- 11 readers -
  • Visual-Merchandising Secrets for Better Content Engagement

    … change their store layouts and displays, or completely remodel their stores. Content marketers can use visual-merchandising concepts to showcase their visual content more effectively – with as much as double-digit impact on page views, time on site, repeat visits, conversion, and social engagement. It also creates a better user experience and makes…

    Content Marketing Institutein Content- 8 readers -
  • Five Ways to Boost Revenue Without Increasing Customer Count

    … on the part of the customer—like a wonderful restaurant dish that is hidden away deep in the menu and goes largely unnoticed. Now, you can be the stereotypical "grumpy chef" and complain that nobody buys your underrated masterpiece—or you can be the considerate business owner and point customers in the direction of the hidden gem. How you can use…

    MarketingProfs- 6 readers -
  • Getting Long-Term Results in a Short Holiday Selling Season #FreePDF

    … the occasional unsubscribe during the holiday season. Most people know they’ll receive more emails during the holidays, and they’re OK with it. In fact, they need your ideas. If a few people unsubscribe, maybe they weren’t your ideal customers anyway. Silently wish them well — and move on. Download our free Holiday Email Marketing Playbook Working on these…

    Jack Price/ GetResponse Blogin SEO EMail- 16 readers -
  • Post-Conversion CRO: Optimizing For Customer Retention

    … messaging like: Product recommendations Cross-sell and up-sell offers Email opt-in Incentives to connect with you on social media Groupon (below) has perfected the purchase confirmation email, incorporating a simple visual design that leaves room for company promotions (get the app), cross-selling of other offers, and a refer a friend program. Take…

    Tim Ash/ Marketing Landin Social EMail- 20 readers -
  • Do You Know the New Rules of Visual Commerce?

    … type. The products used in the video are displayed in the shopping panes to the right of the video content for easy purchase. The combination of the helpful video content and the interactive merchandising proved effective in upselling and cross-selling by promoting the products as best when used together. That combination drove an 18% increase…

    MarketingProfs- 6 readers -
  • How News UK digs into data to build its subscriber base

    … News UK, the British publishing arm of News Corp, is digging deep into its data to drive readership. To do so, it’s looking outside of the publishing business to maximize the base of digital subscribers for its news properties, which include The Sun, The Times and The Sunday Times. The company has unified its digital and print subscriber data…

    Chris Smith/ Digidayin How To's- 6 readers -
  • Why Internal Storytelling Is Key to Your Company’s Content Strategy

    … Content Marketing, Owned Media What comes to mind when you think of content strategy? If you’re like most businesses embracing a content marketing mindset, you understand the value of creating relevant and valuable content for your buyers through every stage of the purchase funnel. You may have a strategy to incentivize referrals and cross…

    Anton Rius/ Relevancein Content- 20 readers -
  • Interview with Nikki Parker,

    … is properly adhered to. Speaking of feedback – we are always open to feedback from our communities and those interested in using the marketplace! It feels natural to integrate Freemarket with Freelancer. Is the site going to use cross-selling or cross-promotion to help buyers get started with their new properties? The users of Freemarket…

    Michael Kwan/ John Chow dot Comin Facebook- 10 readers -
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