Crowdfunding is the collection of finance from backers—the "crowd"—to fund an initiative and usually occurs on Internet platforms. The initiative could be a nonprofit campaign (e.g. to raise funds for a school or social service organization), a political campaign (to support a candidate or political party), a charitable campaign (e.g. emergency funds for an ill person or to fund a critical operation), a commercial campaign (e.g. to create and sell a new product) or a financing campaign for a startup company.Crowdfunding models involve a variety of participants.
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    • Are We Living in the Pateron Era?

      Trends are changing faster than ever before. Most of us still remember life without the internet, yet even what used to be "the thing" online is outdated now. Those who want to keep on growing simply have to keep up. Online advertising, the lifeblood of mu ...

      IM Impact- 4 readers -
  • 5 Creative Financing Options

    … financing options to utilize. Crowdfunding One financial trend sweeping the industry is crowdfunding. By using certain websites, you can effectively raise money for your business from individual donations. Crowdfunding is much easier than trying to hunt down a major sponsor. Instead, all you have to do is spread awareness of your online campaign…

    Blogtrepreneur- 15 readers -
  • Why Crowdfunding May Be The Best Choice For Your Business

    … Crowdfunding, the method of business funding that involves getting lots of small donations from individual investors, has become more and more popular over recent years. Not all businesses are appealing to big investors, and crowdfunding can be a way to get a project off the ground that otherwise might not see the light of day. These are just…

    Blogtrepreneur- 12 readers -
  • 8 Different Sources of Finance for Startups

    … want a say in your business. 4. Venture Capital This funding source is ideal for tech-based startups that have a high growth potential in communications, information technology, or biotechnology. The venture capitalists basically invest in your startup in exchange for equity, so you have to share ownership with an external party. Venture…

    Growmap- 16 readers -
  • SPI 284: Crowdfunding Secrets for Success with Clay Hebert

    …, and the biggest mistakes most crowdfunders make. This episode is full of golden advice, whether you launch on Kickstarter or another crowdfunding platform, so listen carefully, and enjoy! Clay and I will be hosting a crowdfunding webinar together, where I’ll also be poking his brain about my own Kickstarter campaign for a physical product I’m coming out…

    Pat Flynn/ The Smart Passive Income Blog- 19 readers -
  • Facebook, Instagram Detail 2016 Paralympic Games Initiatives

    … will also feature daily 360-degree videos from Rio. The social network also played a key role in the #FillTheSeats crowdfunding campaign, launched by Greg Nugent, director of marketing for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, and U.S. Paralympians Hannah McFadden and Tatyana McFadden, with a post by the latter tallying nearly 1,000 shares…

    David Cohen/ AllFacebookin Facebook- 31 readers -
  • 6 Helpful Tips for Nonprofits to Create Viral Crowdfunding Campaigns

    … Published 1 min ago 52 Crowdfunding has quickly emerged as a viable option for charities and nonprofits looking to leverage the power of the internet and the virality that comes along with it. However, being successful with crowdfunding isn’t as simple as launching a campaign and watching the money pour in. If you want to see results…

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  • Aremi: The Magic of Gaia Lets Users Become Wizards Through Augmented Reality

    … Immersive Play (Immplay), a member of the Zynga co.lab accelerator, announced that it will release Aremi: The Magic of Gaia, its augmented-reality-supported magic cauldron toy, in limited quantities this holiday season, ahead of the product’s retail release in 2017. Aremi: The Magic of Gaia combines real-world toys with a mobile application…

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  • Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage

    … Crowdfunding and Blogging: The Perfect Marriage March 28, 2016 by The Blog Herald Leave a Comment Crowdfunding and blogging have a lot in common. They’re both difficult to start, they take a lot of time and effort … and they can both be promoted through the same avenues. So doesn’t it make sense to put the two efforts together? When you’re…

    The Blog Heraldin Social- 20 readers -
  • Tips On Marketing Your Crowdfunding Page

    … You market your website, your business in general, and even your social media accounts. You market yourself because marketing is the one sure thing to breed a successful business. Whether you are an established business, or you are just getting started, marketing is important. Even if you aren’t a business, but you started a crowdfunding…

    Larry Alton/ ReveNews- 23 readers -
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