• Is It Time to Standardize Disclosure for Sponsored Content?

      With the increased focus on influencer marketing comes the conversation of disclosure. In recent years, many services, from Twitch to Wikipedia, have had to deal with sponsored posts and the Federal Trade Commission‘s disclosure rules. The current conversation revolves around celebrity endorsement and the need for a simple, universal disclosure.

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  • How Online Video Can Help Brands Battle for Consumer Attention

    … supply of Vans sneakers. This example, in particular, portrays the unprecedented opportunities (and innate challenges) that the online video landscape presents to today’s marketers. This article will illustrate how online video has evolved and what marketers can do to make the most out of creator partnerships in an increasingly democratized media…

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  • Pinterest Is Prominent in Back-to-School Shopping (Study)

    …-and-mortar stores still rule back to school, as 64 percent of shoppers said they prefer physical stores over websites and e-commerce sites for clothing, and 70 percent said the same for school supplies. Shoppers value sales and promotions the most for clothing purchases and school supplies, while value is most important to them for snacks. Crowdtap vice…

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  • With His Disclosure Fail, Scott Disick Finally (Accidentally) Did Something Right

    … Scott Disick is getting some heat these days. Last week, the reality star posted a sponsored Instagram post for Bootea, a weight loss supplement, and accidentally copied and pasted his instructions for posting within the comment box. #Oops. Anyone who has seen at least 30 minutes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians–and admit it, most of us have…

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  • Snapchat Wins Olympic Gold Among Younger Millennials (Study)

    … By David Cohen on Apr. 29, 2016 - 11:00 AM When it comes to sharing content related to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, age group tends to dictate the platforms being used. A new study from “people-powered marketing platform” Crowdtap analyzed the Olympics viewing habits of 500 U.S. men and women, and it found that younger…

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  • Report: 90% of Millennial Parents Find Social Media Helpful

    …. Much like older generations, millennials just want to be good parents, and define “good parenting” as “being their for your family” and “putting your child’s needs and wants above your own.” However, millennial dads are more concerned with the “being there” part, seeing their role in the family as different and more involved than their fathers…

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  • 3 Holiday Movie Quotes That Describe This Season’s Biggest Shopping Trends

    … storytelling, marketers can build stronger relationships while generating authentic conversations to drive short-term sales and long-term brand health. “Maybe it doesn’t come from a store. Maybe it means a little bit more.”–How the Grinch Stole Christmas It’s a powerful moment when the ornery Grinch realizes the true meaning of the holiday…

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  • Survey: What Marketers Need to Know About Influencers

    … Influencer marketing is slated as the next big thing in marketing and even big brands are engaging with influencers to reach young and engaged audiences. However, there’s a key component that brands and marketers need to pay attention to: How the influencers operate. Crowdtap, a marketplace that connects influencers with brands and agencies…

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