• Acceleration Partners Named Best Small and Medium Workplace 2nd Year in a Row!

      “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson Boastfulness is not our style. But when we receive recognition from Fortune and consulting firm Great Place to Work® for being one of the best Small and Medium Workplaces, we’re pretty sure people will give us a pass for patting ourselves on the back.

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    • Street Culture: Hooch Expansion Reveals Value in Multi-Function Employees

      Lin Dai was at a wedding in New York. He ran into a friend he hadn’t seen in a while and told him about the job he had recently started, as one of the co-founding team of a free drink app startup, Hooch. At the time, the friend, Danny Yang, was a sales manager with Red Bull in Hong Kong. Later, Dai got a phone call from Yang.

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    • Street Culture: Life at Boxed Means “Do The Right Thing”

      Wholesale ecommerce retailer Boxed is taking its position as team leader seriously. The company pays for its employees’ kids to go to college. It looked at the industry-wide “pink tax” and started a campaign against the higher prices. It even started contributing $20,000 to pay for employees’ weddings after CEO Chieh Huang heard about a tough time one of his packing table workers was having.

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  • Street Culture: Blind References Help Weed Out Drama at Zaius

    …, which was acquired by NetSuite. So Gally is no stranger to the challenges that come with startups, and cites a number of elements about company culture that he says Zaius works continually to sustain. “In the hiring process, we often use the terms ‘smart, hungry, and humble,’” he says. “This notion of being humble is really a critical component…

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  • How to Set Goals That Will Turn an Average Team Into All-Stars

    … This article was originally published on Treat goals as “rocks” that can be broken into smaller pieces or stacked to help the entire team move to higher ground. hether we’re limiting the times we hit the snooze button, increasing our attendance at the gym or improving our work performance, setting goals is essential in order…

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  • At Liftoff, a Classic Formula for Company Culture

    … A 4.9 rating on Glassdoor is impressive. It’s the rating that mobile app marketing and targeting company Liftoff has earned, and it might be the best Glassdoor rating of all the companies that have ever been featured on Street Culture since spring 2015. It’s just one metric measuring a formula of company values, employee sentiment…

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  • New Podcast Episode! The Art and Science of Gifting with John Ruhlin

    … On our latest Outperform podcast episode, gifting guru, John Ruhlin joined AP founder, Robert Glazer to discuss gifting – what it is and how to do it right so that you create an unforgettable experience for your clients, prospects, referral sources and partners. When you listen to this episode, you’ll learn: How John got started…

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  • 3Q Profiles: Get to Know Our New Art Director, Julia Thiel

    … One of the newest additions at 3Q, Julia Thiel, joined our Creative team as the new Art Director just a few short weeks ago, and is already making waves. I was lucky enough to ask her a few questions about her past experiences, passions, design predictions, and as a bonus, her California adventures with her […] The post 3Q Profiles: Get to Know…

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  • Culture Spotlight: Meet Our Women’s Advocacy Group, Movable Pink

    … “In tech companies, people often think of culture solely in terms of the “vibe” or employee perks. But culture is about more than table tennis tournaments and free lunch Fridays. Along with smart business decisions and innovation, culture plays a big role in a company’s success.” -Vivek Sharma, CEO, Movable Ink We’re big on culture here…

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  • The 3Q Experience: My First Few Weeks in the Chicago Office

    … “What are you doing for the summer?” The pointed question asked by every relative you know, truly asking if you have a job that’s relevant to something you’re learning about. This year I confidently told them yes, I have an internship in the field that I’m are interested in: digital marketing. I am congratulated, then […] The post The 3Q…

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  • Street Culture: A Look at the Spinoff Culture at Conichiwa

    … A spinoff company from a larger mothership might already have culture built in. At Conichiwa, a Berlin-based proximity agency and beacon company, that’s not quite what is happening. With seven employees, Conichiwa is tasked with finding location-based solutions for aviation, banking, retail, and healthcare industries – breaking away from…

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  • Street Culture: Metrics for a Global Community

    … While some company founders sit down and write out their core values and identify what their company’s culture should be before they even find the people who will help them, others just go with their gut. For Pete Gombert, founder of local marketing company Balihoo, his gut feeling about culture has turned into a whole new company. “When I…

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  • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

    … In a conference room, a sign on the wall says, “This is a no bullshit zone”. At beacon company Estimote, people are trying to take that statement extremely literally. The company’s mission is to build a new operating system for the physical world, and to get there the team needs zero bullshit. Culture is far too important to leave to chance…

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  • Movable Ink + New York Cares: Giving Back to Our Schools and Public Spaces

    … At Movable Ink, we <3 New York. Even though we have Inkers based around the country and even around the world, our NYC headquarters is very much our home base. And any time we have the opportunity to give back to our community, we jump at the chance. We regularly participate in charitable events, and one of our favorite organizations…

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  • Is Humanity Obsolete?

    … image Upon finishing Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus, I found an unwelcome kink in my otherwise comfortably adjusted frame of reference. It brought with it the slight nausea of a hangover, a lingering whiff of jet exhaust from a hard night, possibly involving rough psychedelics. I’m usually content with my (admittedly incomplete) understanding…

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  • Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

    … a company is that you have to think through how to create a team as you become more successful,” says Sarah Bird, of SEO software company Moz. The culture needs to invite innovation, she says – but it’s still crucially important, especially as a company grows, to maintain a kind of structure that holds the company together. Company leaders must…

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  • Bring Your Child to Work Day at Movable Ink

    … At Movable Ink, we’re pretty passionate about creating amazing experiences. That’s why we were so excited for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Each team at the company had the opportunity to present on their area of expertise – sales, design, engineering, and marketing for example – and the kids discovered what their parents do all day. During…

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