• Movable Ink CEO Vivek Sharma Wins Owler’s Top-Rated CEO Award

      At Movable Ink, we’re dedicated to creating amazing experiences for our clients and team alike. When we’re recognized for our hard work, we feel humbled and inspired to do even better. Whether it’s our innovative clients being a part of the Quarterly Marketing Awards, being named one of the fastest growing companies in New York by Crain’s or one of the fastest-growing companies by Inc.

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    • Movable Ink + New York Cares: Giving Back to Our Schools and Public Spaces

      At Movable Ink, we <3 New York. Even though we have Inkers based around the country and even around the world, our NYC headquarters is very much our home base. And any time we have the opportunity to give back to our community, we jump at the chance. We regularly participate in charitable events, and one of our favorite organizations to partner with is New York Cares, a non ...

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    • Street Culture: Taking Estimote’s ‘No Barriers’ Culture Literally

      In a conference room, a sign on the wall says, “This is a no bullshit zone”. At beacon company Estimote, people are trying to take that statement extremely literally. The company’s mission is to build a new operating system for the physical world, and to get there the team needs zero bullshit. Culture is far too important to leave to chance, says John Cieslik-Bridgen, Estim ...

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  • Street Culture: Metrics for a Global Community

    … While some company founders sit down and write out their core values and identify what their company’s culture should be before they even find the people who will help them, others just go with their gut. For Pete Gombert, founder of local marketing company Balihoo, his gut feeling about culture has turned into a whole new company. “When I…

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  • Is Humanity Obsolete?

    … image Upon finishing Yuval Harari’s Homo Deus, I found an unwelcome kink in my otherwise comfortably adjusted frame of reference. It brought with it the slight nausea of a hangover, a lingering whiff of jet exhaust from a hard night, possibly involving rough psychedelics. I’m usually content with my (admittedly incomplete) understanding…

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  • Street Culture: Balancing Structure and Exploration in Company Culture

    … a company is that you have to think through how to create a team as you become more successful,” says Sarah Bird, of SEO software company Moz. The culture needs to invite innovation, she says – but it’s still crucially important, especially as a company grows, to maintain a kind of structure that holds the company together. Company leaders must…

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  • Bring Your Child to Work Day at Movable Ink

    … At Movable Ink, we’re pretty passionate about creating amazing experiences. That’s why we were so excited for Bring Your Child to Work Day. Each team at the company had the opportunity to present on their area of expertise – sales, design, engineering, and marketing for example – and the kids discovered what their parents do all day. During…

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  • New Podcast Episode! Transparency in the Workplace

    … Is your workplace transparent? Should it be? Does it matter? On our most recent Outperform podcast, AP’s Director of Talent and Culture, Emily Tetto, talks transparency in the workplace. She not only shares what it means for a workplace to be transparent, she also sheds light on we do at AP to foster a transparent culture and the tools we use to make it easy for our remote work environment. Go here to listen! The post New Podcast Episode! Transparency in the Workplace appeared first on Acceleration Partners. …

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  • Street Culture: A Changing Culture of Inclusion and Conversation at Dispatch

    … the culture of inclusion by being included in the conversation. “They were saying, ‘You’re new to this conversation and we want to make sure you know how it works and how we help this customer,’” he says. “It was incredibly valuable to have that experience. I don’t need to bring along the new guy, but it’s in the best interest of the business.” April Nowicki is a contributor at Street Fight. …

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  • How to build a high-performance marketing team

    … are at the core of every decision we make. These values are embedded into everything we do. They are integral to our hiring decisions, reviewed during onboarding, called out in our weekly team shoutouts, and used to decide on client fit. Often, companies will grow to a certain number of employees, realize that their company culture is waning…

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  • Street Culture: Puts Company Culture of Trust and Respect First

    … Barely a month after kicking off in the TechStars startup accelerator program in Boulder, Colorado, co-founder and CEO Kristen Stiles is adamant that her company’s culture will not change – not now, with three and a half employees, and not years from now, with potentially hundreds. “When I sat down, before [co-founder] Matt came…

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  • Street Culture: inMarket Retains a ‘Startup Mentality’ as It Scales Up

    … tests.” inMarket does measure the company’s culture, holding frequent feedback sessions with employees about what it needs to improve. Heinzinger has been with inMarket since the beginning, helping the company launch in 2010. Since then, its growth has accelerated and inMarket now employs about 60 people, a 100% increase over this time last year…

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  • How Company Culture Can Achieve Your Mission

    …” milestones and employee goals. Culture is in the DNA of your company; it’s how people interact and the values they share. It binds your team together, creating a collective knowledge, vocabulary, and voice to achieve a common goal. This DNA, of course, has to spread across the entire body of a company – not just one or two people. Often CEOs, particularly…

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  • In Their Words: What Our Team Members Like About Working at Acceleration Partners

    …!” “My colleagues. They are what bring me to work every day.” “The company culture, owning my accounts and working from home.” “The people. We have a killer team full of smart, talented individuals!” “1) The value that is placed on work/life balance. 2) The connectivity to the team as a whole – really feels like it’s a team, even though everyone…

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  • Disrupting the norm: 4 ways to tap into your team’s creativity

    …Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s easy to get stuck in a work routine. To go to the office every Monday to Friday, use a particular set of skills, sit at the same desk, talk to the same team members, eat at the same lunch spot… While routine can be a stabilizing force, it can also lead to stagnation and a lack of inspiration (a worrisome situation…

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  • Best 3Q Office Series – Austin Entry

    … We love our offices at 3Q. We continue our “Best 3Q Office” series with Account Manager Ryan Noonan describing the highlights of our Austin office – home to some of our happiest hard-working music and BBQ lovers. Take it away, Ryan. Our Austin office is in one of the hottest spots in the country, and I’d describe our blend […] The post Best 3Q…

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