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  • VidCon Europe 2017: 15 Takeaways for the Online Video Industry

    …, especially people who are used to consuming content in the ‘old way’, there is confusion. They see that Bill O’Reilly just got a bunch of his ads pulled off TV, and if that’s an advertiser’s job – to decide whether or not they want to endorse the content that they’re appearing next to – then that’s a problem for programmatic advertising. But programmatic…

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  • Facebook Video: Expert Insights & Latest Best Practices [Interview]

    …. If that user then returns to view your reply, you then generate yet an additional view, and perhaps interaction. This engagement can help send additional positive signals to Facebook that your video is one worth providing additional exposure to. Custom Thumbnails: While it’s true that most videos on Facebook are set to autoplay in the News Feed, there…

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  • 6 Killer Tips to Make Your Custom Thumbnails Pop

    …, and just announced a new thumbnail algorithm which should soon help you to pick out the best image to choose from. Based on deep neural network technology, the new model can compare the quality of each frame of a video, and select which still images best represents the footage. This is a fantastic development but nothing quite beats a custom…

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  • How Home Depot is Winning with How-To Video Content

    …. What is Hero, Hub, & Hygiene Content? Hero, Hub and Hygiene refer to a particularly successful online video strategy that focuses on constantly being in front of your intended audience. Some companies focus more on the Hero content, which is a more traditional video marketing approach. This content is essentially the viral video campaign…

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  • 5 Lessons All Small Brands Can Learn About Video Marketing

    … to grow and find success. 5. Get a Better Strategy, No More Dump and Run As I sat in sessions, I realized that we were hitting a lot of points I need to hear or am already doing. We optimize titles, add descriptions and tags, create custom thumbnails, and add an interactive annotation. That's all good stuff that needs to be continued, but what I…

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  • How TechSmith Optimizes YouTube Custom Thumbnails For Viewers

    Optimizing a YouTube channel is like building a brick house, you need a lot of bricks, and while it seems okay to leave one of two out, doing so can have a big impact. Optimizing and creating a system for your thumbnails is one of these bricks - and ultimately, it might not seem to have a big impact, but from my experience, it's part of the cumulative building that's essential.

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