• HYPERGROWTH – Book Interview

    … can correct it. The end goal is learning and evolving. Evolution is a hugely important part of being customer-driven. Q: How do you describe yourself professionally? I am a serial entrepreneur, podcast host (Seeking Wisdom) and angel investor/advisor, best-known for creating hypergrowth companies, products, and product teams at Drift, HubSpot…

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  • 5 Customer Experience Lessons From Your Mother

    … Customer Experience Is The New Marketing Black You can learn a lot about customer experience and how to treat your audience from your mother. Unlike children, your audience including potential buyers, their purchase influencers, customer and end-users are often only numbers to marketers. They translate to leads and sales; they’re proof…

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  • Winning at Social Customer Care – Book Interview

    … from World Wrestling Entertainment, which had its corporate offices just a few miles from our company headquarters. I was immediately met with resistance and pushback ranging from “this isn’t our audience” to “we can’t do it because there aren’t existing WWE trading cards from which we can make a replica”. After researching my target audience, I…

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  • Known – Book Interview

    … you? My summer job in college was guessing weights on a midway at a theme park. Q: Is there a piece of marketing content that you’re particularly proud of? I’ve worked with many big brands and some amazing companies but most of my work is covered by NDAs. I did turn around a pharmaceutical brand and made the customer millions in new revenue…

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  • They Ask, You Answer – Book Interview

    Heidi Cohen Interviews Marcus Sheridan New book: They Ask, You Answer – A Revolutionary Approach to Inbound Sales, Content Marketing, and Today’s Digital Consumer Q: What’s your best piece of advice for readers looking to improve their marketing? The most critical element of being “great” at marketing today is the obsession of knowing exactly what your customers and prospects are thinking, fee.

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  • Shake Up Your Digital Marketing Stunts to Get More Customers

    … The digital world is now almost entirely ensconced by marketing. Social networks, publishers, and businesses are stuffed with advertisements and marketing stunts that are all too familiar to customers. Though many of these marketing campaigns are successful, it’s hard to stand out when everyone is following the same standards of digital marketing…

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  • Amazing Customer Experience: 3 Vacation Examples

    … she arranged for a car to take us for only 30 Euros more than the train. The high point of our Paris trip was dinner at Epicure, a 3 star Michelin Restaurant nestled inside The Bristol Hotel. (Hat tip to Ann Handley for inspiring this reservation!) Before dinner, we stopped at Bar Du Bristol. It’s ranked the top one in Europe. To celebrate…

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  • Mid-Year Marketing Checklist: 75 Points

    …. This shows you how the market or your customers have changed. By contrast, budget numbers aren’t based on actual results. Financials Most marketers hate dealing with financials and numbers in general. (I should know. I taught graduate level Finance For Marketers. No one took my course voluntarily!!!) At a minimum, know your way around a spreadsheet…

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  • 8 User Acquisition Tactics That Could Skyrocket Your Growth

    … It feels great to acquire a new customer, doesn’t it? How about the rush you get when someone fills out your lead generation form for the first time? All of this makes you feel super-charged, like you are doing everything exactly right. What if this happened on such a regular basis that your company was in a constant state of growth…

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  • 5 Customer Retention Strategies To Keep Your Customers Happy

    … For many years, companies have spent the majority of their marketing budgets and marketing manpower on customer acquisition. They thought that if they could only reach more people, they would sell more. Today, as studies abound on the Internet, companies have powerful data to back up the importance of customer retention. To that end, businesses…

    Jon Correll/ 17 readers -
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