Customer Acquisition

    • The 30 possible ways you can create customer value

      By Mark Schaefer I’ve been immersed in the digital marketing world for many years and if somebody asked me, “what is the number one tip shared about content/social media success” it would be this: This may seem like simple — even rudimentary — advice, but it’s also quite true. Any communication we put out there today is not just an expression of our brand, it is part of our ...

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    • Three proven tips on finding niche markets hungry for your work

      By Mars Dorian, {grow} Contributing Columnist Bestselling author Larry Correia once gave advice on how to be a professional author who actually WRITES for a living. His two-point advice is deceptively simple: 1) “Get good enough at your writing that people give you money for your stuff.” 2) “Find the people who give you money for your stuff” Even though these examples ...

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  • Three ways to turn client email into new business value

    … clients stand out online and reach their customers. You can find his homebase at and connect with him on Twitter @marsdorian Original illustration by the author. The post Three ways to turn client email into new business value appeared first on Schaefer Marketing Solutions: We Help Businesses {grow}. …

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  • Content monetization, brocial media, and the role of love in business

    … By Mark Schaefer One of the most delightful and provocative thinkers on the web today is my friend Phil Gerbyshak. Phil interviewed recently for a podcast and we covered many topics I had never discussed publicly before, especially as it relates to building customer intimacy today. Here are some highlights from that conversation: Phil: I…

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  • 10 Epic Shifts that are Re-Writing the Rules of Marketing

    … marketing strategy may be a true source of competitive advantage. There are only so many influencers to go around. Jeremy Bednarski said, “Those who want to take advantage of influence marketing need to do so quickly. There are only so many influencers and only so much content they will be able to endorse. Think of it as content shock specifically…

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  • What does digital transformation mean to marketing?

    … Is your head spinning over the prospect of digital transformation and marketing? Certainly the change ahead might seem dizzying. Social media and social selling, Big Data and analytics, new listening platforms, and artificial intelligence are just a few of the ideas gaining momentum. How does a marketing leader manage through this level…

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  • Data-driven attribution: the cure for discount code abuse?

    … they do traditional marketing spend. On the one hand this seems appropriate; the cost is a percentage of top-line revenue at the point of conversion rather than upfront speculative spend. But viewing them as nothing but a conversion lever can lead to a dangerous disconnect in understanding the true cost of customer acquisition and retention…

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  • Three New Year Business Resolutions You Should Steal

    … account was back online. No one ever told me why it was ever taken down in the first place. During that period I’ve learned that I’m nothing but a number to a big social network. With hundreds of millions, if not billions, of followers, you’re a tiny percentage easy to ignore. I’ve googled similar cases and found wedding photographers with 50+K…

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  • How SMBs can get more leads through marketing automation

    … campaign – i.e. one where you roll out a few emails one after the other, with the purpose of building up interest in your business. Scoring: one of the best parts of using marketing automation software is that you can score your subscribers in order to better define them. With scoring, you can prioritize your leads more easily; basically, the better…

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  • What it’s like to be hugged by a brand. Literally.

    … world, you can’t ignore that the consumer is your most important advocate. “There’s a hunger for real intimacy and experience. Brands need to be more human and authentic. They should stop trying to be perfect. Human-centric brands should treat customers as friends, becoming an integral part of their lifestyle. Brands should be more like humans…

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  • Three drastic marketing changes ahead for 2017

    …. Wooza! The ‘only’ downside? It’s not customer friendly. First of all, even $5 per month for a single series is too much if the customer can stream the entire Netflix library for about $7. Not to forget the hassle: you have to sign up, pick up the right ebook format (PDF? Mobi? ePub? AZW3?), which you then have to download and drag to your…

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  • Adapting To The NEW Consumer With Better Analytics

    … and KPIs may need to change. Here are some new perspectives on measurement from Intelligence Analyst Hessie Jones: Key Performance Indicators: New Versus Old After reading my last {grow} post on three common goals and KPIs for social media marketing, you alluded to NEW insights being more important. Can you share with us what some of those new insights…

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  • Being an Empathic Marketer in an Automated World

    … By Jeffrey Slater, {grow} Community Member Does your marketing automation need a hug? I’ve been wondering about this and today will offer some tips to create marketing empathy in an automated world. During my 30-plus-year marketing career, I have had the privilege to meet and work with many great marketers. Some are well-known personalities…

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