• Why customer-centric marketing is the only way to go

      ‘Customer Centricity’: If you’re a marketing professional you’ll have heard the term. In fact, in May I attended the B2B Marketing Leaders APAC conference and ‘customer centricity’ was a term used in most of the presentations that took place over three days. A common assertion was that customer centricity sat at the centre of any successful organisation’s values and service delivery.

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    • The 5 Steps You Need to Take to Create Customer-Centric Content

      It’s no secret that creating relevant and valuable experiences for customers is key to the success of content. But why do so many brands struggle with regularly creating content that engages their target audience? I believe it has something to do with the fact that there’s a major difference between having a customer-centric mindset versus a customer-centric content strategy.

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  • Advice on How to Make the Case for a Customer-centric Transformation

    … asked one group 50 questions about the business, marketing and channel practices that make them highly satisfied with a company. We asked the other group similar questions about what makes them highly unsatisfied with a company. We provided Sarah Esterman, Lifecycle Marketing Manager,, and Jamey Bainer, Strategy and Planning Director…

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  • The Most Shared Articles from MarketingSherpa Blog in 2016

    … Website a Revenue Generator We have more digital marketing channels than ever before, but it’s become even harder to connect with customers. One thing’s become clear, that there is a growing divide between those who are fully engaged with digital marketing and those who are still figuring out the fundamentals. This interview with Kristin Zhivago…

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  • Content Marketing Generated a 5,100% ROI for Health Care Innovator Optum

    … sales tactics, or throwing money at direct mail. But the question since the beginning has always been, “does it ROI?” According to Karen Thomas-Smith at Optum, a large healthcare company, it absolutely does. Thomas-Smith, VP, Provider Marketing and Reference Management led a team in a pilot program at Optum that completely turned Optum’s traditional…

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  • How Used Email to Maximize Lifetime Value

    … How do you turn a name on a list into a loyal and engaged subscriber? Ecommerce site has accomplished this by establishing a community of customers and “Angel” members. These customers fund independent wine makers in return for access to hand-crafted wine at a lower cost. At the MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 Media Center, Julia…

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  • Charles Duhigg on How You Can Use Habit to Influence Customer Behavior

    … are a couple of questions marketers have to ask themselves ahead of time in order to give customers a similar habit, Charles said. Question #1. What queue can we give our customers? “We know that the most successful products are the ones that have these obvious queues,” he said, giving the example of the success of the iPhone. “One of the things…

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  • How a Roll of Sushi Changed My View on Marketing

    … As a marketer, sushi really fascinates me. I do enjoy a good sushi roll, but I am by no means a “sushi connoisseur.” However, the fact that I have meet so many of them really intrigues me. How can so many people be so passionate about the rolling up of raw fish and rice? I was recently visiting a friend, and he began to pontificate about…

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  • How Dunkin’ Donuts increased mobile engagement through customer relationships

    When there are more mobile phones than people in the world, mobile engagement has become critical for businesses to market themselves. John Costello, President of Global Marketing and Innovation for Dunkin’ Brands, was interviewed by Courtney Eckerle, Manager of Editorial Content, MarketingSherpa, at DMA’s &THEN 2015, to talk about how mobile has become one of the most impor ...

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  • Learning About Your Customers Through Testing

    … of trust that hasn’t existed before,” he said. Test and learn Implementing this consumer focus company-wide means “test and learn,” Mike said. The most interesting discovery so far, he said, is that “you don’t really know the customer as well as you think you know them. So you’ve got to test a lot. And the more you test, the more you learn…

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