Customer-Centric Marketing

    • Why Understanding Pain Is the Key to Customer-Centric Marketing

      When you’re upset, those closest to you can see it in your eyes, your posture, perhaps even your appearance. They’ll ask those two magic words—“What’s wrong?”—and then you’ll launch into a play-by-play dialogue of work drama about how Doug was rude to you, where Divya was sitting in relation to you at the conference table, and why you’re never going back to that office again (until tomorrow).

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  • Customer-first Marketing Strategy: The highest of the five levels of marketing maturity

    …What’s your top marketing challenge right now? Generating traffic and leads? New business development? Producing engaging content? Every organization is on a marketing maturity path toward more strategic marketing that addresses these challenges at a fundamental (not just surface) level. How far along is your organization on that path? And what steps do you need to take to move to the next step? Read on for a quick snapshot of the progression.…

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  • Advice on How to Make the Case for a Customer-centric Transformation

    … Customer-centric isn’t just a buzzword to us — those marketing efforts are the stories that we love to tell at MarketingSherpa. From our case studies to our data, we want to give you everything you need to keep your customer foremost in your marketing efforts. In October 2016, we surveyed two groups of 1,200 about customer-first marketing. We…

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  • Four Simple Ways to Become a More Customer-Centric Marketer

    … as they try to figure out their marketing strategy. There’s hardly ever a shortage of voices in those conversations. However, there is often one voice missing from the table: the customer’s voice. There are many ways in which we can bring the customer’s voice to the table. We can listen to social media, and we can put ourselves in the shoes…

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