Customer-Centric Marketing

  • Why Understanding Pain Is the Key to Customer-Centric Marketing

    …, or created your own from scratch. Good on you in either case; these are foundational parts of your strategy. But I also believe that these aggregations of human behavior can take away from our empathy. In one study, psychology researchers at Israel’s Ben Gurion University gave participants photos of eight children, only with names and ages…

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  • Advice on How to Make the Case for a Customer-centric Transformation

    … Customer-centric isn’t just a buzzword to us — those marketing efforts are the stories that we love to tell at MarketingSherpa. From our case studies to our data, we want to give you everything you need to keep your customer foremost in your marketing efforts. In October 2016, we surveyed two groups of 1,200 about customer-first marketing. We…

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  • Four Simple Ways to Become a More Customer-Centric Marketer

    … post suffered from a little company logic as it seemed to focus on what I wanted to say rather than what would have most served the audience: more application. Knowing myself, and the tendency that I have just like anyone else, it may very well be true. I can also relate to wanting to know not just the “what” of a thing but also the “how.” So…

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