Customer Conversion

  • 4 Conversion Experts On Why Buyers Click

    … success,” she said. HubSpot’s Luke Summerfield chimed in with, “Personas are critical because they help guide your marketing strategy—including your strategy for conversion rate optimization. Developing a detailed persona of your ideal customer should be the first step in your marketing strategy.” “The goal of any marketing campaign is to make your…

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  • 5 Killer Questions to Woo Prospective Customers

    … is that the answers come out of the customer’s mouth. They will believe them! You telling them is simply less persuasive… and it’s pushy. Pull your customers through the middle and latter stages of their purchasing cycle. Pull them into your funnel with simple, compelling messages. Then go deeper in sales with killer questions. What killer questions did you wish you asked your last customer? What type of questions have you found work best on your social properties vs. in person? …

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