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  • The Future of Customer Engagement: Key Tips & Takeaways

    … On October 19, 2016, Blue Fountain Media hosted a seminar on “The Future of Customer Engagement & Digital Technology.” With brought together a diverse panel of industry though-leaders and discussed how evolving technologies are shaping the different ways in which brands engage with their customers online, and what the future could hold due…

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  • How to increase customer engagement with mobile wallets

    … One method of connecting with users on mobile, which most brands likely wouldn’t consider, is by using mobile wallets. Mobile wallets, despite being native to both iOS and Android, are still on their way up to becoming a mainstream payment method. New research commissioned by Urban Airship suggests that not only is usage of mobile wallets…

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  • Street Culture: Birdzi Finds ‘Liberation’ in Lack of Corporate Hierarchy

    … of that and we want to maintain the flat nature of our company as much as possible.” Three connected aspects make up the Birdzi technology: personalization, customer engagement, and in-store engagement. The personalization part processes data from a retailer to match individual shoppers with offers or specialized content. Customer engagement…

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  • 20 Key Factors Impacting E-Commerce Consumer Behavior

    …, speed, payment, security, abandonment, returns, customer service, live chat, reviews, testimonials, customer engagement, mobile, coupons and discounts, shipping, loyalty programs, social media, social responsibility, and retail. Here are some key E-Commerce Consumer Behavior Statistics: 93% of consumers consider visual appearance to be a factor…

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  • 7 Tips For Using Twitter For Better Customer Engagement

    … one of your customers. Are you taking advantage of this? Here are seven ways you can develop better customer engagement using Twitter: 1. Keep track of your VIP customers using lists A VIP customer can be defined in any number of ways, from someone who purchases from your brand regularly, to someone who engages with your content and shares…

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  • How to Vet Social Media Groups for Prospects

    …) in the About This Community box at the top right of the community. Check out the About This Community box for Google+ community rules. Avoid Self-Promotion Participate in groups by starting and engaging in discussions, while avoiding self-promotion. The goal isn’t to promote your business in groups directly. The goal is to demonstrate your…

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  • Moving Into the B2B Fast Lane: Boosting Lead Gen with Live Chat

    … achieve this? If it’s because your product/service is boring, think again! An unsexy offering is no excuse for mediocre marketing performance. Hygiena does not serve a very flashy market. They manufacture and sell microbiology and hygiene testing kits for food safety and healthcare infection control. Most of their customers are industrial food…

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  • 39 Writing Techniques That Drive More Conversions from Your Website Copy

    … issues. If you want to create electrifying copy, you need to know what turns your users on. “Interesting copy” doesn’t refer to the style of writing as much as it refers to the substance — topics that get users interested, angry, or passionate. Know those areas, and speak directly to them. Once you do, they’ll be more motivated to buy. 7. Know…

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  • 10 Ways to Get More Engagement from Your Social Media Posts

    Ever heard this old adage from real estate: “location, location, location”? Well, social media marketers have their own version of that saying. It’s “engagement, engagement, engagement”. Engagement is the most important metric for evaluating social media success. When marketers sit down to access the success of their social media, it’s no longer audience size that matters.

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  • What It Really Takes to Emotionally Connect With Customers

    … I don’t like how people have downplayed the role of emotion. Emotions and decision-making go hand-in-hand. When it comes to marketing, you can’t neglect the role that emotions play. Once you recognize this, however, it brings up an important question: How do you emotionally connect with your customers? There are two features. It starts…

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