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    • Building a marketing strategy? Start with empathy.

      By Kerry Gorgone, {grow} Contributing Columnist I just didn’t want to get sweaty. And that’s how this marketing lesson begins. I was recently faced with a tense travel situation and decided to forgo a short commuter flight and drive to make a tight connection at the Philadelphia Airport. This allowed me to make my connection comfortably without having to run across the immen ...

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  • How Retailers Can Prevent Losses From Showrooming

    … experience. In fact, more than 90 percent of shoppers use smartphones while shopping. The rise of mobile devices has led to the emergence of showrooming, which is when a shopper looks at a product in a physical store but buys it online. According to a Harris poll, nearly half of shoppers—46%—showroom. As this practice gained momentum, it set off doom…

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  • If Your Content Team Just Did This, You’d Be Winning

    …: Winning Content Checklist Goals – What are you trying to achieve with your content? Is it being published to build awareness, engagement, authority, drive conversions, improve retention, upsell clients, or improve the overall customer experience? How are you going to measure whether or not it actually worked? Audience – Who are you writing…

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  • 5 Customer Experience Lessons From Your Mother

    … Customer Experience Is The New Marketing Black You can learn a lot about customer experience and how to treat your audience from your mother. Unlike children, your audience including potential buyers, their purchase influencers, customer and end-users are often only numbers to marketers. They translate to leads and sales; they’re proof…

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  • Personalizing the Customer Experience – 4 Ways to Make a Better Impression

    … to the right folks. Are you a salon and spa owner who provides multiple services to both men and women? It’s probably best not to recommend “Sport Your Best Beard” grooming packages to every customer on your email list. Use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to personalize the customer experience by knowing each individual’s unique…

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  • Marketing’s Artificial Intelligence Revolution Is Here

    … core, CMOs and their teams are now responsible for a bevy of critical company functions: optimizing the sales process, improving customer experience, and marketing the product across a complex array of channels. Meanwhile, CEOs understand that technology allows for accurate tracking of marketing dollars spent, creating immense pressure on CMOs…

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  • Why banking’s ‘omnichannel’ dreams haven’t become reality

    … end of their banking portals – the parts that interact with customers. Some might say they’ve over-invested in that experiences when they should be pouring more into the middle- and back-end – the areas that actually connect with other experiences, other parts of the business and improve seemingly boring efficiencies that actually make a world…

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  • Inside USAA’s new 120-person Austin design studio

    … Finance giant USAA is ramping up its customer experience focus with a new design studio in Austin to house the 120 people it has focused on improving digital experiences. The goal is to make financial planning, applying for a mortgage or choosing insurance coverage as easy as ordering up an Uber or buying something off Amazon. “It’s time…

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