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    • How to minimise the interaction cost of your web forms

      Completing a web form online takes time and effort. This effort can be minimised by structuring the form well, and giving it a flow which will make it easier for customers. Indeed, every action a user takes within checkout carries a cost. This is sometimes referred to as an ‘interaction cost’. Every interaction your user has with your checkout carries a cost.

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    • Are you asking for too much information on web forms?

      Long web forms can deter customers, and one way to reduce the workload is to remove unnecessary fields and questions. Your customers will understand that a certain amount of information is required – to complete a transaction, to register etc. However, it’s important to realise the drawbacks of being seen to ask too much of users.

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  • Do We Still Need Brands?

    … what they say their brand stands for because branding has entered an era of accountability. Young consumers are looking for brands that live the story they tell. Tony’s Chocolonely is an interesting example from the Netherlands; the brand is on a mission to achieve 100% slave-free chocolate. In 2002 the company’s founder discovered that the world’s…

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  • The One Thing That’s Better Than Knowing Your Customers

    … Posts Tags: customer acquisition, customer behavior, customer connections, customer experience, customer journey, customer relationships, knowing your customers Posted in business relationships, business strategy, customer acquisition, Marketing Strategy, Psychology and social media | No Comments » All posts …

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  • 5 Creative Ideas for Snapchat and Instagram Stories

    … We certainly aren’t here to tell you which social media platform’s version of Stories is better—Instagram or Snapchat—but we think it’s important to understand what they’re about before pouring resources into them. Boost Media shares a few things to consider to help ensure your creative for Snapchat and Instagram Stories is jiving with your…

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  • Nine ways brands can improve emotional connections with customers

    … them the best level of security and trust and it has to be offered in every moment in their lives. 6) Excitement GoPro has become popular for its appeal to emotions, mostly focusing on excitement, adventure, and freedom. Its content is all about action and its audience is either fuelled with adrenaline, or wants to feel closer to a more…

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  • How to Create a Consistent Customer Experience Across Channels

    … Every customer interaction matters. And consistency throughout the customer experience builds brand awareness and trust with your target audience. “A truly effective customer experience is focused on opening up new paths of communication, as well as creating a friendly brand tone, and aligning actions with brand intentions,” writes Michelle…

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  • Integrating CRM with social: how advocates are built

    …, though elements of it are certainly present. Rather, I’m referring to aligning your social engagement process with all other tracked engagements, in order to create a unified customer experience. A unified customer experience is, of course, more than saying the same thing or using the same language or tone at every touchpoint. It means engaging your…

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  • Brand Newsroom 99: Who do you trust?

    … they want”. Lose the campaign mentality. Give people an experience with your brand. You can build trust by: Providing your expertise free of charge. Don’t use sales as your sole measure of content marketing ROI. Avoiding click bait headlines and not making false promises. Producing the highest quality content possible. Here…

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  • AdWords Expanded Text Ads: What Retailers Need to Know

    …. This will be felt more strongly when ETA goes into effect. Fewer advertisers will occupy more space at the top of the search results page, pushing everyone else further down the page. One way to compete is by adding value to customers through improved messaging relevancy across the customer journey. This is now possible as customers increasingly rely…

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  • 8 Social Tools to Listen and Interact With Customers

    … Do you engage with customers online? Are you looking for tools to help manage and monitor customer relationships? From product discovery to purchase and support, tools have emerged to help your business manage the social customer experience on whichever channel your customers prefer. In this article you’ll discover eight tools to help your…

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