Customer Relations

  • The Importance of Saying Thank You

    …” can go to improve customer relations. It took little effort on the part of the business, and for me, it created a positive association with the company. Here are some easy ways you can thank customers and create positive associations — and hopefully relationships — with your company. If you mail items, a thank you note, like I mentioned above…

    Christine Landry/ Dex Mediain Social- 12 readers -
  • 4 Innovative Methods for Collecting Customer Feedback

    … customer feedback and get no substantive results. Walking around the store with a clipboard is no longer an effective way to collect accurate, helpful data. Instead, you should unleash the power of the Internet and new technology to collect customer insights effectively. If you’re stuck for new technologies to collect customer feedback, try…

    Larry Alton/ Search Engine Journal- 5 readers -
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