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Customer retention is the activity that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce customer defections. Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. A company’s ability to attract and retain new customers, is not only related to its product or services, but strongly related to the way it services its existing customers and the reputation it creates within and across the marketplace.Customer retention is more than giving the customer what they expect, it’s about exceeding their expectations so that they become loyal advocates for your brand.
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    • 7 Ways To Grow Your Customer Base With Emails

      Your customers are the essence of your business. Most business owners instinctively know this. What many don’t know is that you have to cultivate and nurture your customers to grow your base and retain your customers. In this article, we look at seven ways to grow your business with emails. We’ll show you how to do it and why.

      Jon Correll/ conversionvoodoo.comin EMail- 9 readers -
  • Why Customer Service Matters and How to Improve It

    … the value of customer service. 89% of them perceive customer service as being essential to their organizations. The Consequences of Customer Service I’ve spent a lot of time flying on various airlines over the past two years. Several stand out in my mind as treating their customers either poorly or extremely well. One of them is Frontier Airlines. While…

    Growmapin How To's- 9 readers -
  • How to Calculate the Lifetime Value of Your Mobile App User

    … to boost retention. Raja Manoharan, Dot Com Infoway Once you understand the lifetime value of your customer, measure your churn rate, analyze the cost to acquire a customer, you will understand the investment you’re making and the average return on that investment. You can then make adjustments to any one or all of the variables. You may need…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 5 readers -
  • How To Use Exit Interviews and Surveys To Improve Customer Retention

    … A lost customer is painful for your business – both for your bottom line and your ego. The importance of customer retention isn’t to be taken lightly. That’s why, in this article, we take a look at how to use exit interviews and surveys to improve customer retention. You may be wondering, “What’s the purpose? After all, they’ve already left my…

    Jon Correll/ 10 readers -
  • Customer Retention Stats, Studies & Best Practices For 2016

    …, we’re going to look at customer retention stats, a study and best practices for 2016. Customer Retention Stats To drive home the importance of customer retention, here’s a list of stats: It costs 500% more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep a current one. ~Destination CRM It costs 16x more to bring a new customer up to the same…

    Jon Correll/ conversionvoodoo.comin EMail- 21 readers -
  • 7 Rules of Retention Marketing

    … retention rates by just 5%, you’ll increase profits by 25-95%. While we believe in customer acquisition tactics, today, we’re going to give customer retention it’s fair representation. In this article, we look at the seven rules of retention marketing so you can improve your rates and grow your business. If the words “retention marketing” leave you…

    Jon Correll/ 10 readers -
  • 5 Ways to Improve Customer Loyalty With Social Media

    … Do you want to keep more of your customers? Looking for ways to nurture customer relationships with social media? Social media can play a pivotal role in building more meaningful connections with customers, so they stay with you longer. In this article, you’ll discover a five-step plan to help you boost customer loyalty with social media…

    Social Media Examinerin Social- 13 readers -
  • Improve Customer Retention With These 5 Tools

    … Did you know that it is seven times as expensive to acquire a new customer than it is for you to retain an existing one? Yet, companies everywhere focus more on acquisition than they do on retention. What’s more, 63% of businesses feel that customer acquisition is a more important goal. So, even though it’s more cost effective to improve…

    Jon Correll/ conversionvoodoo.comin Social- 5 readers -
  • What is customer retention?

    … that Google shows recent purchases, this is a common sight for me. Why do I shop with Amazon again and again? Well, the stock is always competitively priced for one thing, but it’s more than that. It’s the all round customer experience. Repeat purchases are easy on website and app, partly down to UX, partly because saved payment details means I…

    Graham Charlton/ Search Engine Watch- 14 readers -
  • Compass: Discover Behaviors that Drive Customer Retention

    … According to a study from Econsultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud, 40% of companies are more focused on acquisition than retention. The prevailing estimate is that it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to retain a current one. Even more important, in my opinion, isn’t the cost of acquiring or retaining a customer, it’s…

    Douglas Karr/ Marketing Technology Blog- 10 readers -
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