Customer Service

  • Customer success: 3 Off-beat tools for small businesses

    … powerful forces in marketing. One major focus of your advertising strategy should be to reduce the friction for a customer to share your product with their friends. Early on, we noticed that our customers, despite signing in with their Facebook accounts, were more likely to share a link to our platform through Twitter. So as an experiment, we added…

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  • Personalizing the Customer Experience – 4 Ways to Make a Better Impression

    … Do you treat your lifelong friend differently from how you treat your third cousin twice removed? Of course you do. Now, do you treat your best, most loyal customers differently from how you treat potential customers or new leads? That question may be a bit harder to answer. Most local business owners would like to think…

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  • Meet Jane.

    … Meet Jane. She’s like many local business owners who decided to trade the multiple software solutions for our all-in-one business management tool – DexHub. Jane’s also really good at math. Here’s what she figured: 14 platforms she could use to get customers, retain customers and grow = $1,072/mo. A single solution to do it all [...] Read More... The post Meet Jane. appeared first on Dex Media. …

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  • How to Respond to Negative Feedback on Twitter

    … handle to provide customer support and transform negative feedback into a positive experience. We’ll show you how you can analyze, respond to, and resolve negative tweets and reviews on Twitter in three easy steps. 1. Analyze Seeing a negative tweet — especially one that you feel is unwarranted — can be frustrating. Realize that you can’t take…

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  • How To Handle Poor Customer Service

    … Many nights I stay up wondering why so many customers/potential customers seem to come in with a “chip on their shoulder” and what we can do to help restore their confidence. It seems that so many come in with the mindset that web hosting support is going to be subpar so their attitude from the […] The post How To Handle Poor Customer Service appeared first on Startup Hero. …

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  • Six steps to a stronger online brand

    … is Google Alerts. Setting it up is easy and free, and the tool sends you the alerts the moment they come up on the search engine, allowing you to quickly handle any problems that might have happened. Here is how to set it up: Sign into your Google account and go to the Google Alerts page. Enter your search query, which is the keyword you wish…

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  • When to Ban Social Media Trolls and Prevent Harassment

    … should you do if you or your brand account on Twitter, Facebook or another social media platform faces targeted harassment? Brands should carefully consider whether they decide to block users from interacting with them or ban them on Facebook based on their social media posts. Comments to their brand pages on Facebook or Instagram should…

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  • The Rise of Chat Bots and Their Implications for Social Media

    … of a messaging platform can lead to big money in the future. In the past year, Facebook opened up its Messenger platform–with its more than 1 billion monthly active users and Facebook’s 1.79 billion MAUs–to third-party chat bots. Upwards of 45,000 developers are now using Facebook’s chat-bot-building tool to create chat bots for Messenger. Other major…

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  • Adaptly Execs Share Their 2017 Predictions

    …, but there may be friction there with users actually welcoming unsolicited contact. There is a lot of potential in that medium, but the challenge will be scaling up those products based on user adoption. Messenger will be a key opportunity for businesses looking to increase customer service. Using bots instead of customer-service centers would be extremely…

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  • How to Increase Social Data Value: Add Context Over Time

    … Social media is every marketer’s not-so-secret weapon. Acting as a direct link between brands and consumers, social platforms offer marketers the chance to learn the factors driving customers’ habits, preferences and buying decisions. Customer-service representatives can respond to claims made on social media in real-time, while executives…

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  • Analytics and Data Will Change Social Media in 2017

    … As we wind down the year and look back on 2016, we find that social media is on everyone’s lips–but perhaps for different reasons than we social media marketers would imagine or prefer. The discussion happening around social media at the end of the year is about responsibility and control. The outcomes of the EU Referendum in Great Britain…

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  • 10 Digital Media and Marketing Predictions for 2017

    … experiences will draw from travel history, price trends, seasonality and more, with smarter travel apps tailoring each and every piece of your trip. And Perry says marketing tech will combine influencer authenticity with target precision: With improvements in influencer marketing tech, agencies will be able to hit precise target demographics, verticals…

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  • 7 Apps You Need as a Social Media Consultant

    … the No. 1 source of traffic to websites, accounting for more than search engines. This–coupled with the fact that 83 percent of Americans use social media and 59 percent agree that customer service via social media is essential–points to the growing dominance of social media. The statistics we just looked at point to two things: Both for businesses…

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