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    • Smarter Marketing With a Data-Driven Technology Stack

      At a strategic level, a social intelligence practice is built to provide valuable insights to marketers and, in turn, to drive smarter business decisions and business impact. It then stands to reason that your social listening data needs to be talking to, and integrated with, other parts of the business.

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    • Social Customer Service Will Rule the 2017 Holiday Season (Report)

      The holiday marketing campaigns are underway and consumers are gearing up for the height of shopping season. While everyone seems prepared, it’s important to note that consumers have expectations when it comes to social messaging and communication with brands during the holiday season. A fourth-quarter report from Sprout Social provides tips for marketers responding and post ...

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  • Social Customer-Service Automation: Too Good, or Too Good to Be True?

    … Staying ahead of the curve of ever-evolving technologies can feel like a feat. What may be a game-changer at one moment can quickly turn into old news in the matter of months, weeks or even days. We live in an era when the next best technology is literally around the corner. It’s exhausting just trying to keep up. However, I feel some trends…

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  • Are You Using Customer Service To Generate Revenue?

    … morning with the score 0-0 and you have to prove your value every day - nobody cares what you did yesterday. As someone who's spent over 25 years in customer-facing roles, I've learned a lot of lessons - most of them the hard way. So here are a few tips and tricks to provide excellent customer service as a strategy to generate revenue from your…

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  • The Benefits of Creating Software Training Videos for Customers

    … You Should Provide Software Training Videos? Increased Profits Making an orientation process a part of your marketing, and providing training as part of your product support, improves the customer experience and their satisfaction with the product. The ability to use it more quickly and more effectively increases its value to them. Both of these…

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  • Twitter Adds Quick Replies, Welcome Messages to DMs From Brands

    …. If you’re a business that provides support in DMs, you can greet people with a welcome message starting today by setting up your default welcome message in the support settings page of Twitter Dashboard. The developer APIs (application-programming interfaces) that power these features are currently in private beta. If you’re a developer and are interested in building these types of solutions in DMs, you can sign up and apply for access here. Readers: What are your thoughts on the new Twitter DM features for businesses? …

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  • How to get started with online reputation management

    … Online reputation is important for every business and social media has only escalated the need. But how can you filter the noise to maintain a positive reputation? As social media usage increases and people feel more comfortable expressing their opinions through all the platforms, online reputation management becomes even more crucial for every…

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  • How to Build an Authentic Brand With a Remarkable Voice

    … incredibly difficult to pretend to be youthful, serious, funny, cool or whatever else you’re trying to be. Marketers talk about authenticity and rarely define it. Authenticity is being exactly who you want your customers to think you are. You can’t fake relevancy. You can’t fake caring. #getrealchat — Pam Moore (@PamMktgNut) October 11, 2016 In the fast…

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  • 5 Ways to Leverage Consumer-Led Social Media This Holiday Season

    … and convenient as possible for your customers. According to Forrester Research, 55 percent of online customers say they are highly likely to cancel online purchases if they can’t find fast answers to their questions. To earn and keep customers, start by optimizing your website and your checkout process for mobile. Next, specifically target those…

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  • Month In Numbers – September

    … A bit behind this month with your numbers, but luckily for us, stats never sleep! Due to the tardiness, I’ve thrown a few extras in for you including some interesting numbers from September from various sectors including digital marketing, blogging, transportation and banking! Impulse buying is in 92 percent of people who researched a product…

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  • 7 Budget-Friendly Hotel Marketing Tips

    … As mentioned above, it is important to respond to any questions, comments, or reviews about your business. Because this activity helps share your business online, you want to keep the conversation going for as long as possible. Additionally, having positive interactions with users online will reflect well on your customer service reputation…

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  • 4 Tips to Influence Buyers and Win Social Referrals

    … by their friends’ posts on social media when making purchasing decisions. How do you influence buyers and win social referrals without breaking a sweat? Use exclusivity or scarcity At the top of the hierarchy of human needs is self-importance. Humans generally feel the need to belong to something, command respect from others and be part…

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  • The Missing Piece of Chat Bot Technology: Consumer Intent

    Facebook recently announced that businesses will be able to send consumers promotional messages through Facebook Messenger. More recently, we’ve seen announcements from Apple and Google announcing new investments in chat platforms such as iMessage and Allo. Why all of the buzz? Because chat technology–and chat bots in particular–present major opportunities for companies to upsell shoppers.

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  • It Pays to Provide Customer Service via Twitter (Report)

    … Brands that respond to customer-service inquiries on Twitter benefit from doing so on several levels, according to a study the social network conducted along with Applied Marketing Science. Key findings of the study included: Customers who receive responses when they tweet businesses are willing to spend 3 percent to 20 percent more on average…

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