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    • A Simple Mantra for State-Of-The-Art Emails

      Is good email marketing an art or a science? It all depends on who you ask. For art gallery founder Anthony Schaller, successful marketing comes from combining creativity with a guiding mantra: “Simplicity. Consistency. Stay the course.” Since getting started with email marketing seven years ago, Anthony has built an engaged email list of over 8,000 contacts.

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  • How to Keep Your Subscribers Updated, Without Overwhelming Them

    … at his approach and how you can apply his ideas to your business: 1. Understand your specific audience To determine the right sending frequency, Sean needed to understand his specific audience and how they interact with his business. While a café might see repeat customers on a weekly — or even daily — basis, Sean’s guests are likely to visit less…

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  • How to Drive Repeat Business With Email Marketing

    Small businesses face all kinds of obstacles when it comes to driving repeat business. It’s not that your customers don’t want to come back. But if you don’t give them a reason to connect with you, your business might slip from their minds. That’s where email marketing comes in. Sending regular emails keeps your business fresh in your customers’ minds and entices them to re ...

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  • How to Create Emails That Perfectly Match Your Business Brand

    … Your products are elegantly crafted, your website is refined, and your mission resonates with your customers. But your email marketing is outdated and needs a facelift. You want to ensure that your professional image is conveyed in your email marketing, but don’t know where to start. How can you extend your upscale branding to your customers…

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  • Why This Shop Expects a Sell Out with Every Email Sent

    … For business owners like Rick Lombardi, owner of The Vin Bin, a wine and cheese shop with locations in Marlborough, Hopkinton, and Southborough, Massachusetts, Constant Contact is the perfect way to reach customers in the inbox. Ready to send your first campaign? Get started for free today by entering your information in the form below. The post Why This Shop Expects a Sell Out with Every Email Sent appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • La Provence, Small Biz Stories, Episode 9

    … connect to new and existing customers with email marketing. You can be a marketer, all it takes is Constant Contact. Find out more at The post La Provence, Small Biz Stories, Episode 9 appeared first on Constant Contact Blogs. …

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  • 6 Ways Small Businesses and Nonprofits are Giving Back this Veterans Day

    … On November 11th 1918, 97 years ago, World War I ended. Today, we celebrate our nation’s Veterans; past, present, and future. This Veteran’s Day we are inspired to see so many of our small business and nonprofit customers using this important day to honor veterans in their communities. Here are 6 examples of how small businesses…

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